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  • What does the F in VFX stand for?

    Posted by Maura  on 2023-02-07 at 5:51 AM

    VFX stands for Visual Effects and is commonly shortened as Visual FX or VFX. It is the term given to a wide variety of special effects used in the film, television, and other media. VFX are digital or photorealistic enhancements that are added to a scene or screen that alter the appearance of the final product. This could be the addition of 3D elements, and the use of motion tracking for animation. VFX can also be used to create various environments and composite plates, and add photo-realistic elements to scenes.
    Visual effects are used to create scenes that would otherwise be difficult to achieve through practical means, such as stunts and makeup. VFX can make a movie or a production look more dynamic and exciting, giving it a larger-than-life vibe. In this way, VFX can be used to draw audiences into a production and make it more immersive.

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