Interviews, Tips, Tech and Work Flow

Edit bay Linda_HeidiScharfeACE

TV and Documentary Editing Insights from Heidi Scharfe, ACE


Community Spotlight with Andre Tromp


Think Crew: Team Collaboration and Problem Solving in Real Time

Indianapolis 500-Sports Illustrated_web

Television Sports Production with Jim Owens


Documentary Filmmaking Insights and Tips from Courtney Hermann


Community Spotlight with William Bracey


Community Spotlight with Maia Kimadze

Student Filmmakers - Feature Image

HP, Intel and Movidiam Launch Online Programme to Inspire Next Generation of Creators

Takoudes on set 2_StudentFilmmakersInterview

Film Directing Insights from Greg Takoudes

Addison Dlott_StudentFilmmakers

Addison Dlott on Directing Award-Winning Student Documentary, “Queen of the Dinosaurs: A Wrestler’s Story”


Camera Tips from David E. Elkins, SOC

SF RR50 01 top

Quasar Science Advanced Studio Lighting Instruments: The RR100 and RR50

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