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Azden Pro Sound

Cell Phone Cinema | An Overview

Micro Foley | Create Sounds with Very Small-Sized Tools to Get the Job Done

Short Form Documentary Editing: The Map

The New Paradigm | A glance into visionary films and filmmakers who have paved the way for everything that is possible today.

Bridge Work | “Work done to pay the bills that allows you to the time to pursue your true passion and creative aspirations.”

Clearing Music for Your Film | Negotiating the Rights Package; Library Music versus Original Scores

The Power of Rubberbanding | Reduce Your Render Time, Get a Better Sound Mix, and Avoid Losing Your Audio Smoothing

Entertainment Payroll and Accounting: Can’t I Just Do It Myself?

Best Practices for Lighting with LEDs

Pitching to Film Investors: A Glass of Water with William F. Vartorella, Ph.D., C.B.C.

Casting Must-Do’s for Your Documentary: How to Choose and Select Subjects (People)

The DP as Camera Operator: Good Idea?

Production Assistant Essentials: What Do You Bring to the Set?

What Makes a Sound Effect Useful or Useless: Keep Your Audiences Engaged

Design Your Movie: What is Good Design?

DSLR Camera Settings, Lighting, and Camera Movement: Rig and Gear used to Shoot East of Berlin

4 Key Pointers of Film Marketing and Sales

How to Make Money in the Film Business: Two Methods to Consider

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