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The Ins and Outs of Short Ends

by Scott Spears   So you’ve scraped together a few extra dollars to shoot film, but you’re still a bit tight on cash and somebody

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Screenwriting: 17 Scene Reversal Ideas

Photo by Tina Vanhove. | | Follow Instagram @tina_vanhove   Written By Sherri Sheridan   Almost every scene in your film should have a

Is Your Script Ready for Its Close-Up?

Photo by Štefan Štefančík. Follow Instagram @stefancikphotography.   Is Your Script Ready for Its Close-Up? Written by Christina Hamlett   Writing is—and has always been—a

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Post Sound Workflow for Animation

(Pictured: Justin working in his home studio.)   Post Sound Workflow for Animation Written By Justin Matley   Generally speaking, post sound, and re-recording mixing

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Zoom Interview with Jared Isham

We first met Jared back in 2004 in the Sixteen years later, we ask Jared about changes in independent filmmaking and how he obtained distribution for his independent film, Bounty.

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