Community Spotlight with Collin Brazie

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Community Spotlight with Collin Brazie
Director of Photography

Collin BrazieCurrent Projects:

I have been shooting narrative, documentary and branded/commercial projects for the last 10 years or so. Most recently, I finished shooting two feature films, “Come Find Me,” and “Foxhole” – both of which we are in the process of color timing. They are both independent, narrative features that were shot in and around NY/NYC and in the desert of CA.  We shot both projects with ARRI Digital Cinema cameras, utilizing a handful of different lenses, ranging from Cooke spherical and anamorphic lenses to Elite anamorphics and Zeiss Ultra Primes. The projects were extremely different as one was shot on real locations all around NYC/Brooklyn while the other was shot upstate on a make-shift sound stage.

Outside of shooting, I’m currently in pre-production for another film to be produced by Closing Time Productions, my production company that I share with filmmaker Nick Corporon.

Memorable Scene:

For one of the scenes in “Foxhole”, we were able to shoot at sunrise out in some salt flats in CA. The colors and scenery were incredible. It made waking up at 4am worth it.

Challenge & Solution:

For on particular shot, we needed to achieve a 360-degree rotation of the camera inside a humvee, so it would have been impossible for an operator in such a confined space to pull off the shot (especially without a remote head). My keygrip helped us rig an arm off the camera that went out the top of the humvee so that we could rotate the camera without anyone being in the vehicle. There were lighting cues and live ammo (blanks) being fired as well – it ended up working quite well!

3 Tips for Aspiring Filmmakers:

# 1  Be nice to everyone. 
# 2  Never run on set. It will make you look like you forgot something or screwed up.
# 3  Filmmaking is always a compromise. Fight for the aspects that are important to the story.