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The Art of Filmmaking

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Cine Lab, www.cinelab.com

Each winner will be awarded with USD $20,000 Cash and $7000 USD worth of gift pack.

Project Spark 2023: NANLITE & NANLUX Filmmaking Contest with $135K in Prizes

The current era that we live is an era of spreading information and exploding creativeness, and a new wave of creating has been pushed strongly by the rapid expansion of mass media, which gives everyone a chance–as long as you have an idea and …

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The Power of Filmmaking

“At its core, filmmaking represents a unique opportunity to bring people together, to bridge divides and to foster a greater sense of understanding and unity.

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Happy New Year Student Filmmakers!
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of the subscribers, members and fans of Student Filmmakers Magazine and online community! We hope your 2023 is full of

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Never Stop Learning
Is the Future of Video Production Remote?

  Written by Amy DeLouise Covid has changed production, possibly forever. Today we are facing an interesting convergence of mobile video, online video, archival content, and remote workarounds for production,

How a Meaningful Theme Creates Drama

Written By Scott A. McConnell Michael Connolly is one of the best mystery-crime writers today, many would say the best. His novels are best sellers and have been adapted for

Multi Mic Quick Tips

By Bryant Falk We all assume more microphones on a project can only mean better sound. Well, that is true and not true at the same time. Let’s take a

Learning to make movies

Television Development with Bob Levy

(Pictured above: Bob Levy with film director Sean Anders.)   StudentFilmmakers Magazine: Can you share with us some of your insights on television development, and

Camcorder Choices

Confusion, Complexity and Challenges by Carl Filoreto It’s a simple premise. You’ve finally managed to get several video projects on the launch pad, and you’re

Exclusive Interview with Michael Damian

#FlashbackFriday #FBF  Do you remember our Exclusive Interview with Michael Damian?   Director Michael Damian’s “Hot Tamale” wins the Indie Spirit Best Picture Award at

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