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  1. Trevor Madsen


    I am not a filmmaker, but sometimes when I have free time, I make some short videos just for my own pleasure. "Stillness" is one of them that I made it (and obviously the soundtrack) five years ago.
  2. Trevor Madsen

    A great composer, great music track, great label and a great orchestra!

    This is a new performance (less than 20 days ago) and no need to introduce.
  3. Trevor Madsen

    A big problem called: "Guiding a Composer"

    Hi There! It is more than 35 years that I compose for films and TV programs. Since the time when Pro Tools, Cubase, plugins, Ctrl/z, and any digital gear was no existed! 😁 I am not actually here seeking for film music project or something. It`s not gonna be affordable for you guys to hire me...