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  1. eli_joy

    Free video tools

    Hey everyone check these out Video Creator Bundle (BorisFX, FilmImpact, Music Radio Creative, Accusonus)
  2. eli_joy

    Is film school worth it?

    Hello everyone. What is your opinion on attending film school? Worth it or not? What would be the best investment for my money?
  3. eli_joy

    FREE weather sound effects pack

    Hey, i just downloaded this weather sound effects pack for free and I must say I’m impressed. Does anyone know where I can find more FREE sfx packs? Especially royalty-free sounds! (Planning to use the quarantine creatively )...
  4. eli_joy

    Lifesaver audio repair tools

    Have you used the pro versions? Do you think it's worth the upgrade?
  5. eli_joy

    Lifesaver audio repair tools

    I love the ERA plugins! I have used them to save my bad recordings many times :love: