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  1. Kim Welch

    Working at home on Saturday -When will the shut downs end

    I am reading articles and posts today and working on getting another issue of the magazine out. Sign up on the store if you want to get a copy. We are going to polybag the next print issue so that it will be protected from the elements after it leaves the printer. We also have a digital version...
  2. Kim Welch

    to-do list prioritization

    Working on the to-do list this morning but one of the first things I like to do it check here and in the network while having my coffee. I enjoy seeing posts from members. Also, it's a constant job removing casino, and erectile dysfunction drug posts. I hope everyone is having a great day...
  3. Kim Welch

    Still working from home

    I am still working from home. I think we should open up and let people go back to work with precautions in place.
  4. Kim Welch

    Crew Talk
  5. Kim Welch

    Sundance Forums
  6. Kim Welch

    Filmmakers Network Meetup Group
  7. Kim Welch

    Robert Primes, ASC, M. David Mullen, ASC and Garrett Brown, ASC

    This is a photo of Robert Primes, ASC, M. David Mullen, ASC, and Garrett Brown, ASC ( from left to right) that I took at the Tiffen booth at NAB in 2017.
  8. Kim Welch


    This is a photo of manhattan taken with my iPhone 8.
  9. Kim Welch


    This is a rainy day photo take with my Iphone8
  10. Kim Welch

    Family Lockdown Boogie

  11. Kim Welch

    Happy Easter - Watching Game of Thrones

    Happy Easter - I am watching the game of thrones for the first time. I am on the Second Season now. I really like this. It must have been expensive to make this series.
  12. Kim Welch

    Reading a new clients screenplay

    I hope everyone is having a great day. I am testing new webdev workflows, updating the sites and reading a screenplay. Hope everyone is staying as safe as possible. You know what to do.
  13. Kim Welch

    I was just cleaning up our server files and found this old email we sent back in 2014
  14. Kim Welch


    We can catch up on reading and writing during these stay at trying to stay at home times. I will be online most of the day today on the forums and working on the websites. Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to chat about anything.
  15. Kim Welch

    NAB Show 2020 Canceled

    This will be the first NAB we have missed in 15 years.
  16. Kim Welch

    SXSW canceled - I wonder if NAB 2020 will cancel

    I wonder if NAB is going to Cancel. Many e-vents have canceled because of the coronavirus. Even if it's the media sensationalizing it out of perspective it has financially impacted the businesses behind the businesses that support the industry professionals that attend the NAB show so it's not...
  17. Kim Welch

    Working in NYC office today at 42 west 24th Street - I welcome filmmakers to visit me!

    Working here at the desk on 24th street today. It's been a while! Got the coffee going. Get ready for the NAB show. Some people have expressed a desire to cancel NAB show attendance over the coronavirus scare. I am not sure what effect the virus is going to have but I am sure there are some that...