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Making “Adisa” | Simon Denda

Exclusive interview conducted by Jody Michelle Solis Kenyan-German short film, “Adisa”, directed by Simon Denda, stars Victoria Mayer, Jackline Wanjiku, Götz Otto, and Robert Agengo.

Production Equipment Rental Advice

Production Equipment Rental Advice from John Marino Key Ingredients To me, the key ingredients to a successful equipment rental company is not just the equipment

Deputizing the Fight Coordinator Posse

STUNTS Deputizing the Fight Coordinator Posse Quick Tips on Greatest Hits Written By Kevin Inouye Hey, you, behind the camera or editing suite! Congratulations, you’re

Film Contracts in Indie Filmmaking

Photo by Jakob Owens. Visit his website at www.directorjakobowens.com. FILM BUSINESS Film Contracts in Indie Filmmaking What You Need to Know Written by Peter John

Crew Your Video Shoot in 3 Steps

Pictured above: Photo by Siri Louis, Director of Photography, Video Creator. Follow Siri on IG at instagram.com/siri_ous. PRE-PRODUCTION Crew Your Video Shoot in 3 Steps

How to Make a Video Production Company

Written By Richard Tiland One of the biggest desires of young filmmakers is to own a professional and successful video production company. Their goal is

Camerawork and Post-Production

Give Yourself an Exit Strategy in Post-Production Written By Jared Isham One thing that is frequently left out of the camera work discussion is how