Color Grading 101: Getting Started Color Grading for Editors, Cinematographers, Directors, and Aspiring Colorists

Color Grading 101

Charles Haine’s educational articles covering topics in cinematography, directing, and film business have been published in StudentFilmmakers Magazine, the #1 Educational Resource for Film and Video Makers. We are excited to announce the release of his new book, “Color Grading 101: Getting Started Color Grading for Editors, Cinematographers, Directors, and Aspiring Colorists” published by Routledge, and available for pre-order at the Online Store.

Charles Haine is a filmmaker and entrepreneur who has worked in the motion picture industry since 1999. He has been teaching color grading since 2008. That same year, Haine founded the production company Dirty Robber, which has gone on to success in feature films, shorts, and commercials. Haine has also colored music videos for bands like My Chemical Romance and Fitz and The Tantrums, spots for brands like BMW, Ford, McDonald’s, Chevy, and ESPN, and countless short and feature films including Leslie Libman’s DisCONNECTED and Adam Bhala Lough’s Hot Sugar’s Cold World. Haine is currently an Assistant Professor at the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema at Brooklyn College and was formerly an Associate Professor at Los Angeles City College. Haine is the author of The Urban Cyclist’s Handbook in addition to another book published by Routledge, Business, and Entrepreneurship for Filmmakers.

Paperback / ISBN: 9780367140052
pub date: 2019-10-18
Published by: Routledge
208 pages

Who Should Read This Book

Written both for students and working professionals, this book walks readers step-by-step through the foundations of color grading for projects of any size, from music videos and commercials to full-length features.

In this clear, practical, and software-agnostic guide, author Charles Haine introduces readers to the technical and artistic side of color grading and color correction. Color Grading 101 balances technical chapters like color-matching, mastering, and compression with artistic chapters like contrast/affinity, aesthetic trends, and building a color plan. The book also includes more business-focused chapters detailing best practices and expert advice on working with clients, managing a team, working with VFX, and building a business. An accompanying eResource offers downloadable footage and project files to help readers work through the exercises and examples in the book.

This book serves as a perfect introduction for aspiring colorists as well as editors, cinematographers, and directors looking to familiarize themselves with the color grading process.


Color Grading 101 is an easy introduction to color grading for new and aspiring colorists. It is full of excellent advice for embarking on a career as a colorist and I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the responsibilities and craft of our profession.”

—Kevin Shaw, President of Colorist Society International

“Color correction is often the most misunderstood stage of the filmmaking process. It can be daunting, confusing, and even in some cases, completely forgotten. This reputation often derives from its traditionally over-complicated explanation and arduous approach by its masters. In Color Grading 101, author Charles Haine walks readers through this crucial post-production process in a way that is grounded, universal, and personable. Whereas most books on the subject matter are geared solely towards aspiring colorists, this work is intended to serve a multitude of crew members on all levels.”

—Matthew J. Pellowski, Film and Television Director and Showrunner

“Everything you wanted to know about color grading but were potentially afraid to ask! A great ‘101,’ helping anybody interested in color grading to get to grips with an often-misunderstood area. Written with panache and a ‘no-nonsense’ style!”

—Charlie Watts, Avid Certified Instructor; Principal Lecturer and Course Leader, School of Film, Media and Communication, University of Portsmouth

Table of Contents

Overview: What is Color Grading, Exactly?
Tech 1: Hardware, Software, Monitoring
Art 1: The Story as Guide
Quiz 1
Tech 2: Codecs and Pipeline
Art 2: Color Plan
Quiz & Practice 2
Tech 3: Basic Primary Grading and Scopes
Art 3: Principles of Additive Color
Quiz & Practice 3
Tech 4: Matching
Art 4: Aesthetic Trends over Time, History and Genres
Quiz & Practice 4
Tech 5: Curves, Shapes, and Keys
Art 5: Skintones & Beauty Work, Depth and Day for Night
Quiz & Practice 5
Tech 6: Tracking & Keyframing
Art 6: Clients and Decision Making
Quiz & Practice 6
Tech 7: Plugins, Correction, and Heavy Processing
Art 7: Commercials
Quiz & Practice 7
Tech 8: Mattes, Alpha Channels & Composites
Art 8: Music Videos
Quiz & Practice 8
Tech 9: LUTs and Transforms
Art 9: Portfolio Building
Quiz & Practice 9
Tech 10: On Set Workflow, Color Panels, Dailies and Conform through Delivery
Art 10: Building a Business
Quiz & Practice 10