Get Your 6 Tips Now for Good Camera Exposure

Above photo by Reneé Thompson. Portfolio   Written by Arledge Armenaki I want to talk about image exposure in …

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Blockbuster Movies with a Reality Check: 9 Important Elements

  Written Kathie Fong Yoneda I wish I had a penny for each time an emerging writer said, “I want …

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How To Be An Internship Rock Star: 8 Do’s and 8 Don’ts

Photo by Christina @wocintechchat Written by Carole Kirschner Congratulations! You just beat out dozens – if not hundreds – of …

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Filmmakers Forums Community Spotlight: Asael, Composer

So for me it all started in Cuba when I was roughly about 7-8 years old. I started taking piano …

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Adapting Your Video to TikTok

Written By Bart Weiss   For my new project “Fire Bones”, we wanted to put some snippets of the film …

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Forums Community Spotlight: Oliver Moon, Composer/Musician

 My name is Oliver, I’ve learned music and played for several years with a band from Manchester UK. After …

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Evaluating an Indoor Location: From the DP’s Perspective

Photo by Sam Moqadam. Instagram @itssammoqadam.   Evaluating an Indoor Location From the DP’s Perspective Written by Paolo Dy   …

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Dan Banici

Community Spotlight: Dan Banici, Independent Filmmaker

Dan Banici Independent Filmmaker Southington, Connecticut GETTING STARTED: About two years ago I was hired to get a company’s image …

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Jason Croot_on set

Community Spotlight: Jason Croot, Actor & Filmmaker

Jason Croot Actor, Filmmaker United Kingdom GETTING STARTED: I found my love for acting on a TV dating show, …

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On the Go DSLR Workflow: Q&A with Filmmaker Tim White

Learn from every single project you do, even if it feels completely soul destroying – you are taking away skills, …

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Rashaad Ernesto Green on “Gun Hill Road”

by Scott Essman For his film, “Gun Hill Road,” concerning a recently paroled father returning to a family undergoing a …

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Bluescreening Tips & Tricks: 9 Bluescreen Shooting Tips

by Sherri Sheridan Using bluescreen special FX in your film will make it stand out more if you have a …

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Q&A with Andrew Rodger, MGTC: Workflow on Commercials and Music Videos

Andrew Rodger, MGTC Discusses DSLR Challenges and Solutions and Workflow on Commercials and Music Videos When did you begin using …

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Exhibitors at Booth, ProFusion 2013

Here are some photos taken from the and StudentFilmmakers Magazine booth at Profusion Expo 2013, Toronto, Canada. Find out …

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studentfilmmakers-magazine_profusion2013_4 at ProFusion in Canada

This summer and StudentFilmmakers Magazine exhibit at Profusion Expo 2013, Toronto, Canada. Here are a few photos taken from …

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Student Filmmaker Wins YouTube Contest

In May, Biola senior Zach King was named by YouTube as one of the 25 most promising young filmmakers in …

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