5 Important PRO Audio Tips for New Filmmakers

Pro audio tips for new filmmakers. Read sound advice for Film/TV/Video.
Pictured above: Testing the new Zoom H8 in the streets of Zagreb.
Photo by FreeToUseSounds, Los Angeles.

5 Important PRO Audio Tips for New Filmmakers


“Know What You Want. The main aspect of a sound designer’s job is to make the Director’s vision come to life. It always helps if the Director already has a direction in mind, but if not, don’t be afraid to let your sound team get creative!”
~Brad Meyer, MPSE

“Location sound recording is not a passive activity. Every set up requires individual attention and focus and tweaking and practice. Have the goals of clean, even, on axis dialogue recorded with strong signal to noise ratio without dialogue being ruined by extraneous noise either from the boom, walking, rustling, traffic, or anything else. Try to emulate sound you’d record in an isolation booth as much as possible.”
~Michael Tierno

“Anyone who wants to be a sound designer should spend lots of time listening. I spend hours sitting on park benches, in train and bus stations, beaches, fields and forests, malls, bars and other places where people congregate to listen to how sounds interact and how people react to sounds. I also listen to the way that people converse in the real world. I also spend many hours in the field recording sounds that will expand my sound library.”
~Russ Cogdell

“Record a couple minutes of room tone in every location. That’s the sound of the space without the camera running and everyone standing still.”
~Jan Roberts-Breslin

“Sometimes removing something from a section is a better option than adding.”
~Peter Dowsett


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