Why Student Filmmakers Should Take Advantage of the StreamGeeks Summit

Calling all student filmmakers! On December 11th, 2020, there will be a revolutionizing virtual conference called StreamGeeks Summit, featuring iconic speakers such as Chris Thomas, Paul Richards, Tess Protesto, Ariel Viera, and many more who will cover the ins and outs of live streaming. Why does this matter to you? Because as student filmmakers, this is the pinnacle way for you to branch your love for video into the ever-growing and in-demand world of live video production. With the live streaming industry rising 155% each year, this is an opportunity for personal and professional advancement you will not want to miss out on. 

The Benefits of Live Streaming Education for Student Filmmakers 

You may be thinking, “Why should I bother tapping into live streaming as a student filmmaker? What does this have to do with me?” Well, to answer that underlying question, this has a whole lot of benefits for you if you wish to expand your skills and career. 

  • When you learn live streaming at StreamGeeks Summit, you will gain a broader film producing competency that makes you much more hirable and reputable amongst employers and/or clients. This means heightened opportunities for you, and that can easily equate to higher income.
  • Because live-streaming is recorded live, this means you will understand how to cover all your bases and perfect the effects, picture quality, and editing processes much more efficiently and confidently each time before and during the stream. It gives you the mental sharpness to work in a high-tension environment and the skills to add extras to the raw video image during the broadcast. This is not an easy task for the inexperienced, so taking the time to master it now will make you that much more valuable.
  • You are giving your skills and filmmaking knowledge the best chances of being accurate the first time around, every time. Though there is room for error and time to remediate in typical film production, that is not the case with live streaming. With this, there is no such thing as second chances, and it is imperative that everything is perfect from the time it begins to the time it ends. These high-pressure and detail-oriented experiences are what will make you a star filmmaker in whatever genre or career path you choose.

Why Student Filmmakers Should Take Advantage of the StreamGeeks Summit

Conclusion – Learn Live Streaming at StreamGeeks Summit

If you want to become a reputable, respected, and top-notch filmmaker in your career, then broaden your horizons and discover more about the live streaming side of things. No, it might not coincide with your career goals directly, but it will give you the fundamental tools you need to succeed and become the best you can possibly be. And who knows, you may just unearth a new filmmaking path you love along the way. ‘

So, if you are ready to upgrade your student filmmaking journey, then learn live streaming at StreamGeeks Summit on December 11th, 2020. In the end, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by tuning in.