Conveying Emotions and Animating Moving Images with Music

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Filmmakers Forums Community Spotlight with Veaceslav Draganov


Filmmakers, video makers, and creatives, we met another very talented composer in the Filmmakers Forums Community online.

His name is Veaceslav Draganov, a composer based out of Moldova. From childhood he played the piano, which later influenced his work. Profoundly-moving orchestral pieces are a dream for filmmakers. The classically-trained pianist has a cinematic sound that’s confident, authentic and encapsulates emotion in such a way that it can take your breath away. Among his works include music for trailers, commercials and movies. He has created tracks for companies such ORF 2, NHL, C8, Golf Channel, Fox Network, HGTV, TV1, CNN, Discovery, MTV2, and others.

We took a couple of minutes to ask the composer these four questions.

What are some of your thoughts on the relationship between music and moving images?  

Veaceslav Draganov: There must be a deep connection here. Music, in turn, should convey the emotions of the moving image, as well as animate it.

What types of music have you been creating these days?

Veaceslav Draganov: I am constantly experimenting and composing music in different genres. Lately it has been trailer music and lo-fi hip hop and atmospheric ambient music. Depends on inspiration and on the tasks set.

What is one thing you have learned creating your favorite compositions?

Veaceslav Draganov: I think it’s a matter of motivation. You need to believe in yourself, wake up in a good mood in the morning and be good-natured.  It is unlikely that you will succeed if you are angry and stressed.

What are your new year goals for 2021 as a composer?  

Veaceslav Draganov: Every year I set new goals – this is the most important point for me.

Of course, sign a few more contracts with several major music libraries. Get new placements on TV and trailers. Conveying Emotions and Animating Moving Images with Music

Veaceslav’s links:

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