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Zoom Q&A Interview with Jared Isham – & StudentFilmmakers Magazine

Share this post talks with Independent Filmmaker Jared Isham on Zoom. Interview conducted by Jody Michelle Solis, Associate Publisher/Editor for StudentFilmmakers Magazine.


Jared Isham (Bounty, 2009; Turn Around Jake, 2015) is an independent filmmaker and head of motion pictures at Stage Ham Entertainment. He also creates videos focused on helping filmmakers to make better films on a micro-budget. We first met Jared back in 2004 in the Filmmakers Forums. Sixteen years later, we ask Jared about changes in independent filmmaking and how he obtained distribution for his independent film, Bounty.

We asked Jared these 3 Questions:

Question #1:

How have you seen independent filmmaking change over the years and since you graduated film school in 2004? What are the most important things?

Question #2:

How have you seen independent filmmaking change over the past 10 months? And what are your thoughts on how some productions and projects, ranging from web to film to television, have been utilizing solutions, tools, and alternatives such as: remote filmmaking; VR, VFX, and animation; mobile media and portable gear, and apps like Zoom?

Question #3:

How are you navigating and keeping active and creative during these COVID pandemic months? Can you share some inspirational words with fellow filmmakers and creatives?

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Jody Michelle Solis

Interview conducted by Jody Michelle Solis. Associate Publisher for StudentFilmmakers Magazine (, HD Pro Guide Magazine (, and Sports Video Tech ( Magazine.

“With the rapid application of the changing technologies, we are all students.”



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