“StudentFilmmakers Magazine reaches far more than film schools. The articles help people making movies of any age. So many professionals still learn and this magazine’s insights cater to all the newest trends in filmmaking, lighting, and technology. When you have contributor’s like John Badham who directed Saturday Night Fever writing for StudentFilmmakers, it attracts filmmakers from every level. I’ve been subscribed for over 3 years.”
-Jose A. Cardenas, SOC, IATSE Local 600,
Bowling Green State University, Department of Telecommunications
“Your magazine [StudentFilmmakers Magazine] has some very high-end stuff, and it’s good people, and I’m really impressed. I think that the quality of writers is phenomenal. It might be over the heads of some of your readers, but for others, it is a good resource.” – Ron Dexter, ASC
Ron Dexter, ASC
“It would have been wonderful if I had a magazine such as the StudentFilmmakers magazine available to me when I first started dreaming about becoming a cinematographer. It would have helped greatly to open up and help me understand the world of filmmaking and how to become part of it.” -Andrew Laszlo, ASC
Andrew Laszlo, ASC

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