New Collection! 80 Digital Editions of StudentFilmmakers Magazine

Download 80 StudentFilmmakers Magazine original back issues immediately to your device.

Since its first issue, StudentFilmmakers Magazine has been a wonderful educational resource, with informative articles targeted to the interests of film students everywhere.”
~M. David Mullen, ASC

“It is, by far, the most awesome resource that I use, not only for my personal development, but also reference and encourage my students to subscribe to.”~Jose A. Cardenas, SOC, IATSE Local 600

“It would have been wonderful if I had a magazine such as the StudentFilmmakers magazine available to me when I first started dreaming about becoming a cinematographer. It would have helped greatly to open up and help me understand the world of filmmaking and how to become part of it.”
~Andrew Laszlo, ASC

“Your magazine has some very high-end stuff, and it’s good people, and I’m really impressed. I think that the quality of writers is phenomenal.”
~Ron Dexter, ASC

With today’s rapid emerging technologies, we’re all students. StudentFilmmakers Magazine, the #1 Educational Resource for Film and Video Makers, addresses the needs of the five distinct phases of film and video making: “development, pre-production, production, post production, and distribution”. StudentFilmmakers Magazine is for educators, students and the continuing education of the professionals of today’s industry.

80 Editions Collection - StudentFilmmakers Magazine

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