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Finding inspiration to create your own Content

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Unable to think of what to write next; maybe you are experiencing some writer’s block! This often happens after you’ve written your first project or you’ve taken a long break away from writing. The great thing to know is that its possible to remedy creative slowdowns and get your creativity flowing again. Inspiration may happen naturally but there’s also various ways to trigger it to remain creative and improve in your work on a daily and weekly basis. So how do you find inspiration to create your own content?

The first thing you need to know is that there’s no perfect timing to begin writing. Procrastination and finding excuses will only slow you down in the process. The key to writing is consistency! One day everything will seem very dull on paper and the next, everything will come together. Here are a few tricks I use to remain creative on a consistent basis.

Stay active

Starring at your blank page wont help you get started. The best thing to do is to get your body moving; go for a run, a yoga class or simply a walk. Bringing oxygen to your brain will help you to get out of your head. It will allow you to step away from perfectionism and focus on the work. You can’t come up with the perfect piece solely in your head because that’s all imaginary; you need concrete, tangible elements to work with in order to keep exploring. Writing triggers the flow of new ideas; so get moving and get out of your head!

Try something new

Another great way to come up with inspiration is to step outside of your comfort zone and explore new things. Incorporating new activities in your routine will trigger new sensors in your brain and challenge you in many different ways. Not only will you learn new things about yourself; these new discoveries, observations and conversations will also give you an array of fresh inspiration. Including a new activity in your routine every week is a great way to keep the fire awake. These might include trying out a new sport, a new hobby, going to a museum, a music festival, eat at a restaurant you’ve never been before, etc. Make it fun! Life is full of possibilities (even on a small budget)!

Make a vision Board

Sometimes, the best way to get your imagination brewing is by plunging into day-dreaming. If you are a visual person, this technique might do wonders for you. The idea is to create a colorful vision board that will inspire you and get you writing. Take a pile of magazines and tear out the images that inspire you; the shapes, colors and textures that you like. Glue them on a paper board and feel free to add any personal touch to it; inspiring words, drawings or decorations. Don’t try to make sense out of it. Once again, this technique is about getting you out of head so you can get the inspiration flowing and begin writing.

Read books and plays

In addition to all these techniques, I absolutely need to include reading. As oppose to watching television, your mind remains active when you read. You get to shape the story in your head and activate your imagination. Obviously, the more you read, the more vivid your imagination will become. Alternating between reading novels and plays is also a great way to challenge your imagination by not only seeing the images in your head but also by hearing the conversations.

Free writing

Last but not least, consistency in writing will dominate any other technique. Make writing a daily habit! Keep a journal in which you can write anything and everything. It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be consistent. Keep this journal separate from your writing projects. This is only a place to free your head from thoughts and worries.  You should  even carry a notepad with you in your bag to jot down ideas when you are out and about. Free writing is like meditation; it makes space in your head to think clearly.

Of course, these few techniques are only some my favorites, but there are a bunch out there to help you find inspiration and fight writer’s blocks. Keep exploring what works best for you and keep writing!



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