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First let me explain our website because we have different sections to it and it requires you to sign up for each section separately. Some users complain about this and don’t understand why. Many many years ago when we started security was a bigger problem than it is today. There were fewer affordable solutions that what we have today. WordPress was constantly being hacked and many programs could not be kept safe and were not updated often. We found that by having separate sofware sections we could keep the site operating while dealing with any problems created by hackers and it provided us with system diversity that protected us from software companies who didn’t update. It is a firewall of sorts in several ways. We had a software solution plan A, B, C and D and we still do to this day. At sometime we may integrate everything but at this time we still have 4 main sections to the overall network.

Below are the different sections and sign up links. You must sign up for each one separately to be a member and log on. If you can’t log on somewhere and it says your user name does not exist you might think you’re on a familiar section because it looks similar but you didn’t actually sign up for it.


A. MAGAZINE: We have the main site which is where we post content from the magazines and for our e-newsletters. You can post written articles and works for the website from this section but we mostly reserve this one for writers and editors. If you are interested in contributing please do sign up at and then be sure to contact Kim Welch through the contact page.

B. FORUMS: We have a forums section which are like bulletin boards of old where you can post pretty much anything and you can sign up at this link

C. FILMMAKERS NETWORK: Networking section which is where we find filmmakers for interviews and featuring in our magazine. You can connect with other filmmakers, participate in contests, chat, friend, like and share. Please use this to showcase your information, reels and production stills. You can sign up here:

D. ONLINE STORE: The store which is where you can sign up for print and digital magazines, buy books, sign up for workshops and get updates on special offers. You can sign up here

The forums are centered on film and digital video production. You may discuss related topics freely.

* We encourage freedom of speech. You may express your views and opinions in these forums, but please understand that bullying will not be tolerated and our staff may moderate your postings as we see fit.

Thank you and enjoy
Truly Kim & Staff
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