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  1. BartWeiss

    Editing tricks - Hitchcock, Vidor, Lang, Wilder, Pabst

    Wolf, thanks for your post. I would like to address Verna's thoughts on Multicam. While indeed lighting and framing for a 2nd or third camera is usually a compromise, while shooting a documentary having a second camera can making editing much smoother, and if you are smart you can do it well...
  2. BartWeiss

    Big deal on appl pro apps for students and teachers

    apple has announced a big deal for academics who want to use FCPX. Back in the day there was a significant academic discount for students. When they came out with x they made the price so much less than the old package that the discontinued the discount, but now for 199.00 you can have FcpX...
  3. BartWeiss

    Editing software

    probably the best option for a free editing program would be Blackmagic's DaVinci resolve 12 this latest version has a pretty robust editing interface that looks very similar to fcp 7 and adobe premiere the free version will do most of what the paid one does but not 4 k...
  4. BartWeiss

    editing roles

    Jared you are starting to get it but you are giving yourself an out. I can see in number one, your editor i his first cut says you don't need this short or scene, then you take it over and put it in, because this editor just does not understand how important it is, but you editor does understand...
  5. BartWeiss

    editing roles

    Yea if editing is your passion as well as directing, I would look for editing jobs, (start by offering students and grad students to edit for free or not much to build a reel) By watching other peoples dallies you can lean so much. I have found that when you are editing and directing gets much...
  6. BartWeiss

    editing roles

    I STRONGLY advise you NOT to edit your own film. Your film will go much further if you have someone who is not connected to the film, deciding what shots to put in and not to put in. If you want to learn about editing, edit someone else's film, and get that experience, (it will make you a...
  7. BartWeiss

    editing roles

    well the real issue is what happens to sound after picture lock there are lots of things out there but I know that Ripple training just released a series on how to do sound editing on logic but to really do this well I think reading a few books would be best here are a few...
  8. BartWeiss


    so the difference is so the difference is depending on how large of a film you are working on. On many projects they are the same. On features you will have a picture editor( who works with an assistant or 2 ) to shape the film though cutting the picture.After the picture is locked many...
  9. BartWeiss

    Music and Video

    Often the picture will be cut to the music track. In fcp x and other programs you can see the wave forms and see where the beats are. Often editors have hit a marker if they need something to hit (usually the m key) and then slide the picture to hit that. Also not that our eyes react differently...
  10. BartWeiss

    Syncing Audio

    the key it to make sure you have recorded a "scratch" track on your camcorder with you on camera mic. fcp x will sync those 2 tracks if you look through mac break studios you tube videos, here is another one here is another one...
  11. BartWeiss

    Editing conversations between characters

    hi there, there are really 2 different issues here learning to use the software, and organize the film and how to tell your story in editing I would clearly recommend you edit in final cut pro x it is the easiest to learn and most effective there is a great tutorial that will cover both of...
  12. BartWeiss

    Sight of sound

    Hi all this is a great and unique opportunity to create a short film and have the Dallas Chamber Symphony perform the music live. very cool. Film teachers this would be a great assignment CALL FOR ENTRIES Dallas Chamber Symphony Announces Third Annual Sight of Sound Film Contest. Entry...
  13. BartWeiss

    Camera Survey - what camera do you use

    what is not to like?
  14. BartWeiss

    Camera Survey - what camera do you use

    panasonic gh4 with metabones
  15. BartWeiss

    Can Final Cut Pro 7 Run 2k?

    you can use them as proxy files see below
  16. BartWeiss

    Creating Smoke in Post - Advice?

    hi there there are many plug ins for smoke in after effects and motion , some are even built in, but these can be very cheeeeeeesssssyyyyy so take care to finesse them. my suggestions would be to find a new location and re shoot
  17. BartWeiss

    Film From 2 Cameras is Off. One Darker, One lighter. What should I do?

    the only real way to judge exposure is to use a waveform monitor and vectorscope here is a post on how do get them in premiere there are lots of tutorials on using a waveform monitor and here is one...
  18. BartWeiss

    Film From 2 Cameras is Off. One Darker, One lighter. What should I do?

    I would do a test before cutting them together. is one properly exposed and the other not. or are they both improperly exposed? if both are off i would not try to match them but bring both to a middle also if you are using fcp x there is a match color function that can try to get it in the...
  19. BartWeiss

    Camera Survey - what camera do you use

    up until recently I shoot with an Sony ex1 now I shoot with a gh4 with a metabones
  20. BartWeiss

    After Effects Tutorial: How To Create Your Own 2D Cartoon

    great thanks so much for posting