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  1. Kim Welch

    Royalty Free Music Section

    I created this royalty-free music section so we can give the composers their own section and a section for the royalty free music.
  2. Kim Welch

    People Emerge from the Pandemic

  3. Kim Welch

    NYC Production Clip

  4. Kim Welch

    NYC Production Near Office

    I saw this production being shot while on lunch break.
  5. Kim Welch

    Not 100% sure it's a production still

    I am not sure it's a production still but it could be.
  6. Kim Welch

    I love my job

    I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.
  7. Kim Welch

    My Office Desk

  8. Kim Welch

    NYC Graffiti

  9. Kim Welch

    Bird House Winter

  10. Kim Welch

    Going to Watch Chinatown Tonight - Reading Syd Field Screenplay Writing

    I am on chapter 7 " Setting Up the Story" of Syd Field's book The Foundations of Screenwriting. He is using Chinatown as an example of how to write the first ten pages. He basically is saying that the first ten pages is what gets your screenplay read or thrown in the garbage. Of course there are...
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    Are you Available?

    We are looking for competent people who are dedicated to filmmaking and are available to moderate our forums, submit articles, freelance write, and more.
  13. Kim Welch

    Digital Revolution Workshop with Roy Wagner ASC Handout

    I still remember this workshop with Roy and how at the time some of the filmmakers were having a hard time adjusting to the new Digital era. Some cinematographers were saying that digital would never replace film. I think 99.99% of all productions are using digital cameras today. We did one of...
  14. Kim Welch

    New Directors/New Films: Critic's Choice! Kurt Brokaw

    Kurt Brokaw "Do you remember the last movie you saw in a real theater, up on a big screen? Our memories grow more remote by the day. For this viewer it was a screening of the sumptuous 150-minute Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains. Directed by Gu Xiaogang, Dwelling is a multi-generational family...