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    10 Great Indie Flicks In Ten Years

    Here's what I think are ten of the best American truly independent films produced in the last ten years. I highly recommend them to anybody who wants to go out and do it "their" way first (not limited to one per year). What are some of yours? 1. Bomb The System 2. DIG! 3. Who Is KK Downey...
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    Hollywood Buys Great Stories, Not Great Ideas

    I ran across this quote the other day and thought it to be very apropo: Hollywood does not buy good ideas. They buy great stories. I thought about this and I feel that it is very true. Everybody who knows I'm a writer always tells me that they have a "great idea." I always ask them, "well...
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    Ghetto Lights

    So, here's the situation. I'm not a self-proclaimed guru of cinematography by any means, but I can certainly hold my own. Just give me a nice B&H kit, a Cartoni tripod, and a gel kit, and I can make stuff look pretty good. Problem, however, is I don't have money to get a light kit for a...
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    A Common Nuisance - Walkies on Set

    Okay, a short anecdote - I just got off a music video, shooting on 35mm, as Key Set PA. On the last night before wrap, the sun is setting and everybody is scatterbrained and rushing to find our Key Wardrobe, but it was not to happen. I get on the walkie and call, "Out to All Crew. Do we have...
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    A Quick Thought for Newbies

    I jst got done working as the Office Production Assistant on a low-budget ($3M) feature shooting in the mid-west by a well-known production company that has made two movies you've definitely heard of in the past couple of years. However, I can not say any more than that at this time. But, when...
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    Elijah Returns

    Check out my short film, Elijah Returns, at the website: It's 7:25 worth of pure Jewish comedy. Even if you're not Jewish. So check it out, or catch it at a festival near you!
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    The AD Gets The Shaft

    Many times, in student films, you'll see a Director of Photography, a Sound Supervisor, a Director, a Writer, Grips, PAs, possibly even Stunt Coordinators. However, you will continually find two things lacking: craft services and an Assistant Director. The first one is easy to solve - go buy...
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    Euro Markets

    I've recently become very interested in film production overseas. I've given thought to going to Europe (France or Italy) to work in film. What's the career outlook seem to be in France right now? How are they choosing projects and what are the major studios and films coming out this year? Is...
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    Okay. Perhaps the hardest part of the trade is marketing. Who cares if you make a film that nobody goes to see? Now, other than the obvious "get it bought by a distribution company," and "get it into a major film festival," what are the best ways that indie filmmakers, students especially...
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    Yeah, so...

    Yeah, so everybody should visit the Producer's forum.
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    - Seven Network's profits dip as revenue climbs - N.Y. State agent law defeated - Ebay makes bid for film with Fandango - Saw II ads pulled by MPAA - Telluride audiences won't know program until they arrive - Toronto FF Announces program Check out the Hollywood Reporter and Variety for more info.
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    What has everybody's experience been with dealing with Agents, Publicists, and Attorneys in the business so far? I have my own horror stories, as well as a few good ones, and I'm just wondering if people have ideas or questions about such.
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    Euro Markets

    Just wondering if anybody has any experience in the European markets. I'm specifically interested in France, Spain, and Italy, as I have major projects in the works in these parts of the world. I am contemplating moving overseas and would like to know how the job market is looking, and what...
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    To Start this Shindig Off...

    First, I would like to thank Kim for devoting this section of his site to the business of the business. Now, on to business... I'm starting pre-production on a short film this fall. As a producer on the film, I need to figure out where the difference lies between friendship and working. When...
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    The Business End

    So what does everybody think of the scripts that are being sold today? Honestly, I wish we had more people that were interested in the business-end of the industry. It's just as important as the craft and artistry. Is everybody getting onto the Hollywood Reporter's website and Variety's? How...
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    PAL Encoding

    I know this is the wrong forum, but I wasn't getting a response down below. I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro. I've been having trouble encoding the device for PAL, and I need to send it to Europe. On the burn, it will begin with the transcoding, but halfway through actually burning, it gives me...
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    PAL Encoding

    Several quick questions: 1. What do I have to do in order to import audio files into the system and have them play? 2. I've been having trouble encoding the device for PAL, and I need to send it to Europe. Also, on that note, when we burn using the program, does it automatically encode to...
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    Cinema Across The Pond

    Is there anybody from across the Pond here? I've been researching film making and the industry over in Europe (France and Italy, specifically). Is there anybody from either of these two countries, or Europe in general, that can give me some more insight? I'm really looking into doing two...
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    Assistant Directors

    Mr. Laszlo, I know that you are not an Assistant Director. However, I know you've worked with many in the past. I am AD'ing a short film with a large, semi-professional crew (both professionals and amateurs), as well as a very experienced, award-winning producer-director and director of...
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    Filmmaking Stories

    I figure this is the Filmmaker Cafe, so why don't we share some of our favorite stories from our experiences in filmmaking? I'll start with the question, has anybody ever seen the Green Flash of Death? For people who don't know what it is, when you turn on a light in one of the Mole Basic...