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    ANIMATORS wanted for Film Anthology

    Our independent film & television company is seeking animators for our new experimental anthology. Based on several short stories involving the same main character and narrator, we wish to have each story animated by a different artist, with the only thread being the likeness of the main...
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    Taking it From the Streets-a badass short film

    In the latest episode of Larry & Burt's Gut Rot, the men spark an international turf war on the streets.
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    Gut Rot makes Talking Poo

    See it for yourself in our new short!
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    Pizza Commercial Parodies

    Check out our 45 second parody spots for Pizza Delivery:
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    The Animated Sperm Episode

    I would love you all to check out the second episode of our web series LARRY & BURT'S GUT ROT. In this episode I got to fulfill a dream of mine and see what I would look like as an animated sperm. Feedback is most welcome!!