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    Rogue One - 70mm Print

    Went to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia over the weekend to see the 70mm print of Rogue One... and it really looked awful. The print was dark and flat. It lacked contrast, the colors lacked saturation, and the blacks were milky, to name a few things. Since the movie came out in December...
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    Diehard movie(1988)-to know the technique behind some shots

    Hi, Could someone share your knowledge about 'Diehard' movie(1988). 1. Picture1-Gunfire 2. Picture2- There is sparkle when bullet is hitting the meta sheet. 3. Picture3- Again sparkles falls down infront of Bruce Willis who is trying to move in the tunnel due the hit of bullet. How the...
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    Existential Camera Crisis

    I've been working with video as an amateur now for 5 years. After I graduated college last year I decided it was time to move from a DSLR to a more cinema oriented body. I went with the Canon C100 and thanks to a grant I won in my last semester, I was able to purchase the Atomos Ninja Blade 2 as...
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    Advice on how to shoot this scene

    So I am filming a SciFi short film called "Bandwidth Creek"on the 15th and I'm having one issue. There is a female playing two characters and I still can't figure out how to fool the audience with this. For instance, she's playing the mom of the main male character in his flashback. The same...