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  1. yenlyng

    The 5-Min Video Challenge - US$30K Grand Prize (AU, ID, PH, SG, TH, TZ)

    Any of you in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand or Tanzania? If you are, join The 5-Min Video Challenge now! Simply submit an original video, not more than 5 minutes, with the theme of 'Connecting Lives'. The video can be in any form (i.e. documentary, animation, live...
  2. yenlyng

    Inspire someone with your video

    A new community site, Inspire ME, has been launched by It allows anyone from anywhere in the world to share their original video works. The idea is simple - share a video on, either by uploading the clip or submitting a YouTube link and...
  3. yenlyng

    Adobe CC Updates Review, Tips & Tricks, Expert Demos by Japanese Top Artists

    There's a series of videos coming out which will cover some of the latest updates in the Adobe CC. It will focus mostly on After Effects, but they will use other tools like Premiere Pro too. What's interesting is that this seminar is held by some well-known graphic artists and experts in Japan...