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  1. mercuryzap


    Hi Kim and all Nice to see the forum's retro spring clean. I'm still working away; got a new animation project underway. I recently attended a series of great Animation Workshops run by Northern Ireland Screen: fascinating stuff. There's so much I recognise I don't know but I hope I never...
  2. mercuryzap

    Here To Go Is Here

    Hi It's been a long time coming but my animated vid, Here To Go, is finally ready for viewing. Inspired by the hero's journey from world mythology, it's an experimental, punk fairytale: It can be seen here: Thanks Mark
  3. mercuryzap

    Simple color correction tips, please! (in iMovie)

    Hi I've been working on an animated project for four years now and I am putting the finishing touches to the fine cut. I have a couple of shots where the outgoing shot is popping or ghosting over the incoming shot. I really know very little about this end of things and I hope I'm using...
  4. mercuryzap

    Recent Work

    Hi All Haven't been around in a long, long while. Here are some links to some recent work that members may find interesting. I've been working on an animation project, Here To Go, for about four years now. I have a script (developed at Queen's University, Belfast) with a full storyboard and...
  5. mercuryzap


    Hi Here's a Quicktime presentation of the storyboard from an unmade epic of mine brought back to life by the gift of a new scanner for Christmas. Regards Mark
  6. mercuryzap

    MercuryZap Online In Quicktime

    I'm really sorry about this and I know it has happened before with a previous clip of mine but I'm going to have to remove this clip due to an unfortunate set of circumstances. ------------------------------ A replacement clip has been uploaded:
  7. mercuryzap

    new hyperstation short: ANTRIM TIME SPACE REPORT

    Hi Just a quick note to say I have a new piece: I suggest you pause it and allow it to fully load before playing. Sadly, this has been removed due to local difficulties. All the best -Mark
  8. mercuryzap

    Hyperstation: A Short Video From Northern Ireland

    Hi Here is my first online film: It was inspired by my love of and research into avant garde, underground and expanded cinema. I hope you find something to enjoy in it. Good luck -Mark
  9. mercuryzap

    Strata output

    Hi there. My name is Mark Mckeown and I live in Northern Ireland. I think this site is a tremendous resource and have picked up quite a lot from it already - particularly in the cinematography departments. I wonder if anyone can help me - I have three short films (about 1 minute each) that I...
  10. mercuryzap

    Documents Folder

    Hi I am trying to teach myself Final Cut Express v1.0 and have run into difficulties at the first hurdle. I have attempted to designate my external vst firewire hard-drive as my scratch disk but the program isn't writing the full Final Cut Express Documents folder to the drive just some...