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Community Spotlight

 Lynne Darlington

Voiceover, On Camera Actor


I am a voiceover and on-camera actor/spokesperson. I have a VO studio with Source Connect, which allows me to conduct remote recording sessions from anywhere in the world with internet access. Not all of my projects are over Source Connect; some of my clients send me copy, and I record and email the audio directly to them. I have been working on various commercial spots, a United Nations video, and will be recording the names of high school students for their virtual graduation next week. Unfortunately, COVID19  has shut down most recording sessions in NYC at the moment.

My last on-camera booking was as a spokesperson for a corporate video just before everything was halted in March. Since then, on-camera work has been nonexistent as the industry is working on new protocols to keep everyone safe on set.  I have noticed on some of the casting sites that the new trend for projects is for talent to self-record. Creative teams are looking for talent to submit auditions and virtually shoot projects with any 4K resolution phone. I am hopeful, as is everyone in the industry, that next month traditional production will begin again!

Over the course of a day, I receive an average of ten VO auditions from my various agents and clients. They run the gamut in emotion, tone, delivery, audience, etc… Chameleonic VO talent are the busiest.  I try my best to deliver on “conversational, real, warm, reassuring, corporate, CEO, girl next door, serious, wry, ‘with a wink’, upbeat, bright, heartfelt, not too young, not too mature, in the middle of that sweet spot, informative with a touch of genuine emotion, matter of fact and pleasant”… and the list goes on. Each script has to be broken down to connect to the audience, and the point of view of the character. Is this playful? Am I a storyteller? Who are we talking to? Is it radio or TV? The mediums have subtle differences. After a couple of reads, I know where I want to take the script. I step into my booth, trust my instincts, and let it rip. The more clever the copy, the more fun the process; a good copywriter is my best friend. As an actor, I have learned to submit it and forget it – took me a couple of years, but this is a crowded space with intense competition. You will win some and lose some – all part of the game.

For an entertaining and comical look at the VO industry watch Lake Bell’s 2013 American comedy film, In a World

A while ago, I was working with a well-known politician in my studio for a radio spot. I gave him the script, and he immediately started changing lines, and knocking out words. This was radio, where every word is necessary for a :30 or :60 buy. As he was rearranging the meticulously-crafted script, I made the decision to let him do what he wanted and we would get creative in post. Since the script was from his point-of-view, I did not feel comfortable correcting him; it was going to be more heartfelt in his own words. The spot was a success – his delivery was smooth and believable. We added lines to my script to compensate for the lost time.

Take acting and improv classes, stay current with the recording software and technology, watch commercials and listen to what is trending, make friends with other VO talent, vet all VO coaches and demo producers, believe in yourself, and enjoy the ride!

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