Community Spotlight with Mark Kiss

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Cinematographer / Steadycam Operator. London, United Kingdom.

#ThrowbackThursday #TBT  Do you remember our Community Spotlight with Mark Kiss?

Challenge and Solution:

Challenge: “In a commercial, the [challenge] came from the director: to make daylight in a fairly small studio which had to look like as an office with sun rays shining through the windows.”

Solution: “At first, I wanted to use one big spotlight as a main light source from long distance to be enough for the three windows, but didn’t know I wouldn’t have enough space for that. So, I thought that I will instead use three parallel spotlights sweating a ( kw) nearby the windows, but a little problem happened…We had two or three different shadows on the opposite wall. It wasn’t an easy job to adjust the spotlight’s barn door and flags for the best solution. Finally, I put some frost to make shadows smoother…”

Favorite Tools:

“My favorite one is Aaton Minima 1 mm camera. Ideal for my steadycam, small and lightweight, compact and even looks good.”


“I’ve worked as steadycam operator in numerous music videos in Hungary: Desperado, Emilio, LL Junior, Palcso Tomi, Roy & Adam, and others…”

Short films:
Állva maradás ( 00 )
Tékás ( 01)
Ott vagy még ( 01)
Igor ( 00)

No Fairy Tales ( 00 )
Libiomfi ( 00 )


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