Community Spotlight, Rebecca Glasmacher, Filmmaker/Student

Rebecca Glasmacher
Filmmaker, Student
Germany in North Rhine-Westphalia, Langerwehe

I always was interested in movies, since I was 14. I was quite sure that my interests would lead me to an artistical profession. But I really didn’t know where I could be taught how to make films, so I thought I would never have the chance to learn filmmaking. Later, when I was 17, I heard about a good art academy in Maastricht (the Netherlands) which I then attended. During my first year I learned that it was possible to study visual communication which also included film /video. When I found out about that department I got very enthusiastic and I realized that I had the chance to make my dreams come true.

My favorite camera to shoot with is the Canon EOS 7D because one can work with different lenses that perfect the image.

Currently I’m working on an animation (my graduation short film).But at moment I’m just in the phase of research and busy with improving my animation skills. In August, I will present my ideas to my professors, and I hope that they’ll accept my research and that I can start with the actual filmmaking.

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