Community Spotlight: Ben Harding, Independent Filmmaker

Benjamin Harding, United Kingdom

I got started in filmmaking when I went to City of Bath College, (United Kingdom), at the age of 17 in 2006 to study digital media. As soon as I started, I discovered my passion for filmmaking. I carried on studying film production at Norwich University College of the Arts in 2009 and graduated this year.

When I started filmmaking we would shoot with the Sony Z1E. DSLRs were then being used for filmmaking more often during 2009/2010. Here in Britain, the two cameras that were of great quality and popularity (and still are today) is the Canon 5D Mark II, and the Canon 7D. I currently shoot using the Canon 550D Mark II (Rebel T2i).

One of my favourite experiences that I will never forget is working as a sound recordist on a low budget feature film entitled ‘Another Day’, which is hitting the film festival circuit in 2013. It was shot in 26 days over a period of 8 weeks. Because it was such a small crew, we all bonded and had a great time making this film. The people I worked with I now consider to be friends, and I will never forget the amazing time I had on this film set.

1. Don’t be afraid to cut out shots or scenes that you love but are not necessary for the overall film.

2. You should almost certainly have different takes of shots from a day’s shooting. Experiment when possible using not only different takes, but cutting together different shots intended for a cut further back or forward in the timeline.

3. It’s surprising what you can do, matching video with the dialogue of a different take.

This year I finished a short film entitled, ‘Charlie in the Middle’. I then went on to produce an education fashion design film entitled, ‘Sitting by Nellie: Presented by Joan Brown’. I’m now looking to produce music videos and hopefully get back into producing a short film again.

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