Big Impact Sound: Music in Motion

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Filmmakers, don’t forget to explore the Music & Composers Section in the Filmmakers Forums Community online. We came across Big Impact Sound in the forums. Check out his Showreels here and this Q&A!


Experimental Music Showreel


How did composing music become a career for you? What’s your musical background?

Big Impact Sound: I have a master’s degree in classical composition and music theory and also followed courses about mixing, mastering and writing music for games and screen. Even now, I continue studying music every day and will continue doing so for the rest of my life since I have an insatiable hunger for new musical knowledge and ideas.

So, I am originally classically trained, but I feel at ease in all musical genres. As a child already I was fascinated by the music in movies, commercials and games and I quickly understood that good music is not only there in the background but can lift what’s happening on the screen to a higher level.

What technologies, software and gear, as well as instruments do you use to compose your music?

Big Impact Sound: I like to work in a studio with great acoustics with great converters and monitors, so I can rely on what I hear. On the software side, I work with Sibelius (notation software) and Cubase (DAW) as my main software. I have a network of several computers that are interconnected, so I can open a lot of software instruments at the same time. I also have a weakness for (old) hardware synths. Everything that leaves the studio gets mastered with the best analog mastering hardware and software.

Can you describe your creative process for composing music? What advice can you give about maintaining relationships with clients and collaborators?

Big Impact Sound: I combine ‘old school’ composing in my head and notation with pen and paper with the obvious more ‘modern’ approach of composing in notation software (and transferring the sketch to a DAW) or immediately working in a DAW. I always work in close dialogue with the customer and prefer to use keywords or reference tracks to get a description of the needs of my clients or to propose to them what I had in mind based on their requests. I take time to thoroughly discuss their requirements in order to be and to stay on the same page with them throughout the whole duration of their project. By sending them intermediate parts of the score  I give my customers the opportunity to fine-tune or detail even further their needs. I always try to be genuine about the project and try to understand the project and the customer as best as possible.

You can always find the latest compositions and news updates on our website; or you can go immediately to our Soundcloud account to listen to the music. We can also be found on Twitter. Big Impact Sound: Music in Motion


Showreel: Mystery, Horror, Supernatural, Thriller


Showreel: Piano, Keys


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