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Dot Hill Reduces Cost-per-Gigabyte of Storage With New 4TB Disk Options

By StudentFilmmakers.com
posted May 20, 2013, 16:34

Now Available With Up to 384TB of Capacity, Dot Hill AssuredSAN and AssuredSAN Pro Storage Solutions Are Among the First in the Industry to Ship With 4TB SAS Hard Disk Drives

Dot Hill Systems Corp. (Nasdaq:HILL), a provider of SAN storage solutions, today announced its AssuredSAN™ and AssuredSAN Pro storage solutions are among the first in the industry to ship with 4 terabyte (4TB) SAS hard disk drives. Supporting raw capacities of up to 384TB, Dot Hill storage arrays now provide customers with significantly lower cost-per-gigabyte options than ever before.

"High capacity drives are well-suited for the numerous vertical markets that Dot Hill serves, such as media & entertainment, big data/data analytics, oil & gas, and digital image capture," said Jim Jonez, senior director of marketing, Dot Hill. "With the 33 percent increase in maximum, raw capacity of 4TB drives, Dot Hill AssuredSAN arrays can reduce customer price-per-gigabyte by up to fourteen percent from $.43/GB to $.37/GB on the AssuredSAN 2333 system.

In line with its strategy to deliver superior storage performance, Dot Hill has standardized on the SAS interface for all hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs). SAS is a better high performance controller option within the storage system compared to SATA. When compared to comparable SATA alternatives, SAS 7K drives feature several distinct advantages including: improved command queuing, dual port paths, full duplex data transmission and more robust error detection and correction.

In addition to savings in cost-per-gigabyte, AssuredSAN arrays also are energy efficient. AssuredSAN solutions feature a number of eco-friendly enhancements such as drive spin-down capability and 595-watt 80 PLUS-rated (greater than 80 percent energy efficiency) power supplies for reduced operating costs. Additionally, AssuredSAN arrays also feature Dot Hill's patented EcoStor™ "green" batte-rfyree alternative for cache memory, which leverages a combination of super capacitors and flash memory that outlasts traditional batteries nearly fivefold. Business benefits include lower maintenance and disposal costs and reduced server and application down time due to scheduled battery replacement and maintenance.

Pricing and Availability

4TB drives are available today for all current Dot Hill AssuredSAN and AssuredSAN Pro solutions. Average selling prices are expected to begin at $17,684 for an AssuredSAN 2333 populated with twelve 4TB drives.



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