Zylight’s Palm-Sized Juggernaut

Zylight sheds light on the inspiration behind its award-winning product: the Z90 intelligent LED light instrument. StudentFilmmakers Magazine speaks with Charlie Collias at Zylight to find out more about the Z90.

“Our first product, the Z50, was revolutionary in its design and functionality and many customers wanted a unit similar in size but much brighter. LED technology had advanced greatly in the years following the Z50, and the Z90 was simply a natural product progression,” says Charlie Collias of Zylight.

“The biggest advantage of the Z90 over any other instrument in the field is its ability to dial in any color temperature output without any filters or gels. With the Z90, you just push a button or turn the dial to get the exact color temperature output you need for any lighting situation, whether shooting inside, outside or under mixed light sources. A user can also add 10 steps of + or – green on top of those color temps to correct for unusual light situations,” explains Collias.

“The Z90’s can also output any color of the rainbow, allowing for easy Chromakey or some pretty cool product-shot highlights. Users can vary the intensity and saturation of a color easily and effectively. This feature alone saves on buying gels, which can run hundreds of dollars a year. The Z90 uses a multi-colored LED module to produce different colors and color temperatures. There are no bulbs to break and no projected heat output, so your talent stays cool. It can be powered from AC or external battery source.”

Collias adds, “The Z90 also has a cool feature built in called ZyLink, our wireless protocol enabling any Zylight to communicate with another Zylight. With ZyLink, you can set up any number of our instruments, wirelessly connect them together, and have them all operate independently or in concert with the same output. All of our lights can talk to one another. When the lights are linked, they act as if they are one light source. If you dim one light, they all dim. If you change the color, they will all change. The possibilities on your shoot are endless.”

Featured in StudentFilmmakers Magazine, February 2009 Edition.

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