Music Composer Zoom Q&A Interview with Cristian Lincu

Hello, Student Filmmakers Readers, Members, and Visitors! As you know our interactive community online brings together filmmakers, storytellers, and crew members who work within one or more of the five stages of motion picture creation – development, pre-production, production, post production, and distribution – whether narrative, documentary, television, digital media or other form. In this awesome Zoom Q&A Interview, our Community Marketing Director Maura Nicolăiță talks with music composer, Cristian Lincu. You can discuss topics in the Filmmakers Forums Community Online. You can visit Cristian’s profile page here.

Cristian is incredibly creative and enjoys composing orchestral music. At the moment, he is working together with a video game development team, where he is composing hours of orchestral soundtracks.

Enjoy the video!

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