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Attendee Feedback:

Two-Day HDSLR Workshop with Patrick Reis (Saturday and Sunday, July 13-14, 2013)

"Patrick Reis at gave an excellent presentation on DSLR shooting which filled in the gaps of knowledge for me, as well as gave me new things to try. The hands-on shooting exercise was especially useful for putting it all together. I definitely recommend this workshop!"

~Krista Cowan, Teacher, Virginia and Workshops

" has advanced my knowledge as a cinematographer through both their information-rich website and hands-on workshops in Manhattan, New York, with industry leaders and experts."

~Andy Levison, Steadicam Operator, New York

DSLR Lens Selection and Operation Workshop with Patrick Reis (Monday, Dec. 10, 2012)

"After the workshop with Patrick Reis, I'm seeing the camera through a whole new lens. Workshops with pros like Patrick open up my thinking and give me insight into my own practices."

~Tim McDonough

Lighting for Mood with Peter Stein, ASC (Saturday, July 7, 2012)

"The lighting workshop with Peter Stein, ASC was great because, I have been working in TV and film production for over 10 years, and Peter taught some tricks that I will definitely use to make my projects have a more polished look. This is a great course for both beginner and industry pros. Peter Stein, ASC knows how to control light no matter what the situation is."

~ Will Fonseca, Director

"The Lighting for Mood with Peter Stein, ASC workshop is essential for any student or filmmaker interested in cinematography. Peter Stein, ASC is excellent at explaining and demonstrating how to set the tone of a scene, by painting with light."

~ Sharif Anthony, Writer/Filmmaker/Photographer[email protected]/

Directing for Video with Scott Essman (Friday, June 29, 2012)

"I had the pleasure to taking's 'Directing for Video Workshop with Scott Essman,' and it was one of the most informative and enjoyable experiences for someone like me. Mr. Essman's teaching style is refreshing, informative and makes you feel like you are a part of a dialogue as opposed to a lecture. I was impressed that Mr. Essman spoke individually with attendees before the workshop, and tailored some of the information he provided to the various projects that everyone is working on in their respective lives, as well as provide his contact information should we have any additional questions. In addition, I am personally grateful to Kim Welch and Jody Solis for providing opportunities for professional and budding artists a forum to gain knowldge in this always-evolving world of filmmaking. I have been a follower of for many years and their care, passion and support of artists has always impressed me."

~ Shakima T. Landsmark
Writer, Filmmaker, Marketing Coordinator

2-Day HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop from Shoot to Post, with a Special Focus on Audio for HDSLR, with Patrick Reis (Saturday & Sunday, February 18 & 19, 2012)

"As a film and video professional, it's important to stay on top of cutting-edge technology and advancements that enhance my ability to serve my clients. The HDSLR workshop at StudentFilmmakers Magazine is a wonderful opportunity to explore how the technology of video continues to move closer to the visual impact of film. I'd highly recommend this workshop to beginners and professionals alike."

~ Noelle Brower

With a 20-year career as a still photographer behind me and now two years into multimedia integrating video, stills, and audio, DSLR video is a natural next step. I began my research by looking online for accessories for getting good DSLR video footage - whoa, what an overload! I saved lots of valuable time by taking the StudentFilmmakers workshop and getting right-to-the-point advice from a competent, knowledgeable instructor about equipment options as well as DSLR video techniques. The instructor understands the mindset of both stills and video camera users so this seminar works regardless of professional background. Participants can ask questions about what works best for their unique shooting needs. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone looking to jumpstart the process of learning DSLR video!

~ Ellen Senisi, author / photographer / multimedia

"The two day HDSLR Video workshop at StudentFilmmakers was one of the best professional development classes I have ever attended. As someone who lectures to college level students in digital media subjects for a living, I truly appreciated Patrick Reis' teaching style. It can sometimes be very difficult for an instructor to keep students fully engaged and interested for two entire days, but he was amazing. The material was presented in a way that helped to clarify topics I was previously uncertain about, while also introducing me to valuable industry standard techniques. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to my colleagues and students."

~ James L. Richardson
3rd Assistant Professor, MPS
New Media Program Coordinator
Humanities Department
LaGuardia Community College

"I am writing to thank you and your staff for the amazing work you guys are doing to support aspiring filmmakers. I participated in the DSLR workshop this past weekend and found it to be edifying and inspiring. Keep up the good work."

~ Yennypher A. Fernandez
M.S. Candidate in Digital Imaging and Design
CADA, School of Continuing Education, New York University

"As a full time production manager and creative, it is costly and time consuming to keep up on emerging craft & technology. StudentFilmmakers' workshops & magazine help lighten the load."

~ Victor Ramirez, Producer
New York, NY

"I took one of Patrick's HDSLR workshops in the Fall  and found it very valuable for me to attend the 2 Day HDSLR workshop this past weekend. Within just a few months, the cameras, rigs, gear. shooting styles and workflows have continued to change, and it was great to be able to have a review and catch up with the changes. The audio workshop [Day 2] was especially helpful for me. I've never shot video without sound and image being recorded to the same tape in sync. What Patrick  had to say about the workflow of capturing audio from a source other than on camera included illustrating mistakes that can easily happen. He emphasized the attention and focus needed to prevent them (especially working as a one person band doing your own audio). The workflow he suggested for organizing media with audio recorded separately will save me valuable time in the future in post. I've taken other workshops at [Manhattan, New York] and as well as the quality of the instructors and the courses offered I'd recommend them because they're fun, affordable and provide the opportunity to connect with a diverse community of other filmmakers."

~ Courtney Harmel
Owner of Courtney Harmel Productions
New York, NY

"The HDSLR workshop was fantastic. No matter what kind of filmmaker you are should it be narrative, doc, events - whatever may have you, there is something to learn here for anyone. You get the opportunity to see and try out different pieces of equipment that enhance the DSLR filmmaking experience. Not only that but you're getting a ton of information from Patrick Reis who really knows his stuff. You're in a room with people who are there for the same reason as you - because they love filmmaking so it's also a good networking experience which is invaluable. There's no doubt my filmmaking, even if it's just slightly, will be taken to another level."

~ Keith Brady
Owner of Keith Brady Media, New York

"This weekend was great - I'll hopefully be able to attend future workshops. So glad to have met you and Kim and Patrick. I remember reading my first issue of StudentFilmmakers Magazine years ago – it seemed to be written for me personally. Every article was relevant to what I was trying to learn. There were articles that helped me with ‘where I was’ as well as articles that allowed me to envision what I aspired to be. To this day, it remains my favorite source of information as a filmmaker."

~ Jean A. S. Strauss
Filmmaker of ADOPTED: for the life of me

"Thanks for everything this weekend. The class was excellent! I learned more in the 2 days than I ever expected. Patrick is a great instructor and having all the gear to play with is very cool!"

~ Martin Dougherty
CEO/Founder, Roadstar Internet Inc., Virginia

HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop from Shoot to Post with Patrick Reis (Saturday, October 22, 2011)

"One will learn subtle information which will make big differences."

~ Luis Cubillos, Producer

"Very informative and well-structured workshop."

~ Brian Sponagle, High School Teacher

"Lots of great, useful information here."

~ Angelo Miranda, Digital Media Specialist

"It was awesome."

~ Matthew DeSantis

"This workshop had everything they said it would, and it was all well covered."

~ T.J. Galdi

" was awesome!"

~ Adam Ardekani

Analyzing and Replicating Lighting from Great Cinema and Famous Paintings with Peter Stein, ASC

"Great intro into thinking like a D.P. and how to sculpt light artfully."

~ Robert Gladding, Video/Film Teacher

"Very informative. Great teacher."

~ Joseph Andolina, DP/Editor/Producer

"Knowledgeable and talented presenters."

~ Andy Nagy, Camera/Lighting

"I enjoyed it."

~ Will Brower

HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop from Shoot to Post with Patrick Reis (Saturday, December 10, 2011)

"Great workhop. Will take another one again."

~ Alexandra de la Cruz, Art Director, NYC

"Terrific workshop that explained the capabilities and possibilities of shooting on DSLR!"

~ Dorothy Jorgenson, Virginia

"Great introduction for beginners and intermediates."

~ Will Cunningham, Writer/Producer, NY

"This workshop is a great overview of the HDSLR technology / software / hardware / concepts."

~ Gleb Osatinkski, Director/Producer, NY

"I enjoyed; good knowledge; well guided."

~ Pradeep K. Vasireddi, Actor/Director/Filmmaker, MayaPix, NY

"As a producer I needed to better understand the limitations and the benefits on shooting on SLR cameras. It was also a great mix of filmmakers."

~ Natalie Kim, Comedic Actress/Writer/Producer,,, NYC

"Great workshop. Full of useful information!"

~ James Garcia, Director/Producer, NY

"Great workshop. Walked out with a lot of knowledge on HDSLR filmmaking."

~ Sharat Konatham,, NJ

"The workshop and presentation were very thorough. I left the workshop ready to start on my own personal projects."

~ Priscilla Pena, film student, NY

"After the workshop, you want to take a camera in your hands and go shooting!"

~ Marian Volkava, film student, NY

"Great beginners workshops; covers a lot of the basic stuff."

~ Vered Koshlano, Studio Owner,, NYC


~ Vineeth Kurnala, NJ

Hands-On 3D Production Workshops with Julian Chojnacki (Saturday, March 19th, 2011)

"More inclined to buy a 3D camera and sell 3D video ideas to clients."
"Understand how 3D work to plan a story"
"We may purchase 3D cam." - Univ. Professor/filmmaker"
"Making decision on if to purchase camera"
"It will open up more opportunities and lead to new + interesting work."
"I've got a lot of answers about 3D."
"It is a foundation of knowledge for my future 3D work down the road in one or two year."
"Knowledge is power :). Seriously, just more comfortable now to approach a 3D shoot."
"It will help me to build a solid base on 3D shooting."
"Help in future projects for university. especially small groups are called for."

Lighting to Create a Mood Workshop with Peter Stein, ASC

"I really enjoyed the lighting workshop yesterday. In those four hours I felt I was given more information than four semesters of film/tv or photography classes. Thanks for sponsoring these workshops."

~ Jennifer Davis-Lewis/ Five Sisters and a Dog Productions

Hands-On HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop with Saro Varjabedian

"I thought [the HDSLR workshop] was very informative. I've read a lot of articles on DSLR shooting and watched a few videos but nothing beats actually sitting in a class and learning from a live person who has used the technology. ...I was unsure as to what I should buy camera wise. This seminar was a great help in making a decision. I have been plotting and planning some projects that I want to get off within the next year and this seminar helped speed up the process. I'll be purchasing a T2i and 7d this month."

~ Clayton Donnelley, Independent Filmmaker

"I thought the [HDSLR] class was great, my favorite part was learning things about my camera that I didn't know and also the differences between my camera (5D Mark II) and the 7D and why each has a different place in the production process if monetarily allowed. ...I will be using some of the techniques and hopefully buying some of the equipment, like small monitors that will make my work better."

~ Wayne Herrschaft, Live Music Photographer

"I believe the HDSLR workshop was very assimilating and it opened up a lot of ideas for me, as to which should I use, the Canon 5D or 7D and why. And this is a camera that was never meant or designed for film. That's why I'm just a bit awestruck that filmmakers like us are using this. Ingenious! My favorite part... observing the major differences between different lenses, that of Zeiss and Canon..."

~Jonathan Lewis, Independent Filmmaker

"[The HDSLR workshop] was just what I was looking for. It allowed me to know the capabilities and limitations of HDSLR cameras, beyond hearsay..."

~Xavier De La Cueva, Filmmaker/Director, Film Conexion.

"The [HDSLR] workshop was a fantastic resource for any filmmaker who seeks a deeper understanding of HDSLR production. Saro exposed the advantages as well the disadvantages concerning HDSLR technologies and answered all the questions related to the models. One of the most interesting parts was the lighting exercise which involved ISO, Color Balance, Picture Profiles, and others settings... One of the more important results that I gained from this workshop was the understanding of how to optimize production and reach the best results..."

~Paulo Martins, Producer

"I am glad that StudentFilmmakers had the HDSLR workshop. It is just what I have been looking for, and at a price that I can afford. Just days before the workshop was announced I was thinking how I needed to learn about different lenses and how to use them. And not a minute too soon StudentFilmmakers to the rescue! My favorite part of the workshop was that Saro really gave us his valuable time and in a way that really shows that he cares. ...I like knowing that movie style lenses are being made for still cameras that can record video and I like that knowing your fixed lenses helps you to know visually ahead of time what your framing will be like within a given area, and that if I am ever on a covert operation then a smaller camera is less noticable for shooting video in hostile territory!"

~Edmund Olszewski, Independent Filmmaker

"I think [the HDSLR workshop] is great for those who are interested in making movies or docs with HDSLR because it is a really affordable camera for independent filmmakers and the pictures are amazing when lighting is set right. My favorite part [about the workshop] was playing with prime lenses and learning about lighting techniques."

~Zilvinas Paludnevicius, Independent Filmmaker

"I loved the demonstration of lighting a subject using a single light source, a pair of silks, and a bounce board. I'm planning a series of interviews for a piece I'm doing about energy and this will be really helpful for me to keep the kit small and easily mobilized. I also liked seeing how paper tape can be used to write more visible focus marks on a standard lens to use independently of a bolt on follow focus system..."

~Steve Hamilton, Artist-Editor-Sound Designer

"My favorite part of the [HDSLR] seminar was the Q and A with someone who has worked with the cameras. As of now, I do not have any projects with a DSLR camera, but when I do, I will definitely be applying the info that I learned. I am currently working on a number of Steadicam projects both here and in DC."

~Mark Sparrough, Steadicam Operator

Production Sound Recording for Film and HDSLR Workshop with Richard H. Topham C.A.S.

It helps me to achieve better professional sound. Rich was fantastic and totally prepared.
- Yves Dossous, Camera/Sound Assist.

The workshop has given me added confidence to go out on the field as a new filed mixer. Rich is absolutely excellent and knowledgeable.
- Ed Gutierrez, Sound Mixer / Director/ Producer

Techniques and tricks for hiding microphones (are helpful).
- Rob Sullivan, News Audio Technician

One of the best workshops I've ever been to. Answered so many questions. I’m starting a freelance sound business and this will help during set up.
- Shelley Smith

It was extremely helpful for me since I'm still starting to get a grasp of audio and sound mixing. Rich was great. Well prepared, organized and very inviting.
- Yanirys Sanchez

Rich was fantastic, incredibly knowledgeable, every approachable and spoke from experience. He did not have an attitude considering his experience in the industry.
- Daniel Azarian, Producer/Director

Troubleshooting was excellent. It solved a lot of frequent problem I ran into.
- Anastosia Hanney, Freelance sound

The workshop answers some of the technical questions I had with the boom on getting good audio.
- Sabrina Whyte

The workshop was great to all level. I took away many helpful tips. It is totally worth the price. Rich is very prepared - lot of props. Maybe could have had even more equipments.
- Dave Hall, Video Production

RED Production Workshop with Jon Firestone:

The workshop met my expectation and was very informative. I learned aspects of the RED camera that i didn't know prior to the workshop. It will allow me to feel more comfortable when using the RED camera on my next job. Jon was very prepared and very informative.
- Scott Pelzel, Cinematographer/Editor

(I can) apply the information to expands opportunities for video in still photography business.
- William Geddes, Photographer/Director

I feel like i got a good overview of the RED system. I am encourged to learn more about it and to get out there and get experience. The hand on tutorials are always great.
- Elizabeth Nelsen, Film student

I wanted to get info about the RED and i got a lot more than expected. Jon explained very well the technical part of the RED, at least for the time that we had.
- Tania Zapata, Student/Indei documentary filmmaker

I learned a lot more about RED and Tiffen. It made me want to learn more about cameras. Jon Firestone was great and he was organized.
- Nouh Sampsel, DP

The workshop was all good. It went really well. I would have liked more hands-on experience. It (The contents) was easy to understand and i feel comfortable working with a RED now. Now that i know more about the RED, I can feel better about renting one to make my shorts. Jon was organized.
- Alex Craig, DP/Director

Gain knowledge on product you don't get a chance to work with often. Jon Firestone is very informative and easy to understand.
- Travis Wierengo, Video editor/Camera

I was satisfied with the content. The workshop met my expectations, but i would have liked to have seen the camera built. I will be working with this camera shortly in a rental situation and now i know the basics.
- David Matterazzo, Rental Technician

Jon was prepared and organized and really a good teacher. I really get a lot of (RED camera production).
- Karine Fosser, DP/Camera Operator

Jon was very knowledgable and able to answer all questions presented. (The workshop) keeps me up to date with current technology. I would suggest a 2nd day + Post.
- Jacquie Schnabel, Video folk artist

Master Cinematography Workshop: "The Power of the Image" with Christopher Baffa, ASC:

The workshop was very informative. Chris Baffa, ASC is insightful, well articulated and has much to express about the choices that define his work. Given my limited experience with the film industry, i experienced a wide range of information today. Good Exposure.
- Clinton Daly, Media Coordinator/Editor/Videographer

Chris (Baffa, ASC) explored the artistic and human side of being a cinematographer. Hopefully, it will help me with visual part of being a director.
-Jeremy Wechter, Director

The workshop was better than i hoped. It covered a nice range and illustrated with stories that enhanced the point. Chris Baffa, ASC was excellent, very approachable, easily bridged the gap between student and professional.
- Jill Sager, DP

It will make me think more openly and attempt to work my way up to cinematographer. Chris Baffa, ASC was great and very knowledgeable.
- Gary Powell, Camera Operator/Grop/Electric

It will help me to work better in tricky situations on the set and work with my DP.
- Cody Hoerig, Director/Producer

The workshop was great, learned a lot, because the topics really interest me and Chris brought examples to back up his discussion. It has further inspired me to keep looking hard and become better at what i do.
- Joaquin Elizondo, videographer/editor

Definitely, The workshop was insightful and very imformative. It is great to hear from smeone who has wealth of experience and knowledge and talk about it in such a pleasant manner. Chris Baffa, ASC was great and very organized. He did a very complete job with the presentation and was excellent with the Q and A all questions throughly.
- Ryan Manalastos

It helps, it gives me more incentive to keep going in the direction of cinematography. Chris Baffa, ASC was very prepared and organized and had a vast knowledge of his work and what goes into cinematography on a work.
- Sharoya Hall

Did the workshop meet your expectations?

"It went way beyond my expectations."

Were you satisfied with the content? Why or why not?

"Yes, it was very comprehensive."

How will the information received today help you in your work?

"It has inspired me to strive to do better work, and find my unique voice. It also gave me renewed hope to pursue my dream."

How would you rate the presenter? Was he/she prepared and organized? What could he/she have done better?

“The best presenter I have seen in a similar seminar.

Would you be interested in attending further workshops related to this topic?

‘Yes….also directing.

-Gregg Simon, Director/Producer

How will the information received today help you in your work?

“This information has encouraged me to go forward in getting my script produced.”

How would you rate the presenter? Was he/she prepared and organized? What could he/she have done better?

“The presenter was terrific.”

Kwame Mann, writer

If you had prepared the workshop yourself, what would you have left the same? What would you have changed/added/deleted?

“I would not have changed anything.”

Did the workshop meet your expectations?

“Yes, it was wonderful, encouraging and a very inspirational workshop.”

Scott Pelzel, editor/cinematographer

How did the registration process work for you?

“I got an e-mail and signed up online – no problems.”

-Ryan Paternite, professor

How did the registration process work for you?

“Easy, straight forward, no problems.”

Were you satisfied with the content? Why or why not?

“Yes – follows the workshop agenda / topic perfectly.”

How would you rate the presenter? Was he/she prepared and organized? What could he/she have done better?

“”Most excellent.” “Perfectly organized.”

-Deborah Scott, graphic designer / animation student at NYU

Did the workshop meet your expectations?

“Exceed expectations.”

How will the information received today help you in your work?

“Today was first step into cinematography – Hopefully I will learn to walk soon.”

“Change nothing!”

-Ravi Kantamsetty, Aspiring Cinematographer

How will the information received today help you in your work?

“Energize me about filmmaking.”

-Liz Hinlein (sp) director / writer

If you had prepared the workshop yourself, what would you have left the same? What would you have changed/added/deleted?

“This was perfect.”

-Ozgur Yazici, cameraman

How will the information received today help you in your work?

“More than I can say here.”

David Abramson, Writer/director

How will the information received today help you in your work?

Improved my way set up lights and enhanced the knowledge of the craft.”

-Eduardo J. Divila, Director of photography

How did the registration process work for you?

“Very easy. Quick. Good Follow up.”

If you had prepared the workshop yourself, what would you have left the same? What would you have changed/added/deleted?

“I think the topics of the agenda were great and covered many of the concerns/interests of building cinematographers.”

Would you be interested in attending further workshops related to this topic?

Yes. Being able to meet and pick the brain of working and successful cinematographers is an amazing opportunity.”

Kishma Tilley, Student

If you had prepared the workshop yourself, what would you have left the same? What would you have changed/added/deleted?

“I liked the free form format.”

-Chris Cavallari, camera operator

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Film and Video Continuing Education Workshops and Industry Networking
Film and Video Continuing Education Workshops and Industry Networking
Film and Video Continuing Education Workshops and Industry Networking
Film and Video Continuing Education Workshops and Industry Networking

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