Working with Influencers and Bloggers To Promote Your Film

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Influencers and bloggers can increase the reach of your movie to targeted audiences


Everyone knows the power of social media, but as a student filmmaker, hiring a PR specialist can be expensive and unnecessary. Without significantly increasing the budget of the movie, influencers and bloggers can increase the reach of your movie to targeted audiences. As the owner of lifestyle and entertainment blog Theresa’s Reviews, I am often asked to cover the release of movies, including Hollywood red carpet events for blockbuster movies, while I have also been on the other side reaching out to bloggers to promote independent films. I understand how both sides work and can offer some advice.

When to Begin Promoting

If you have an amazing idea and the enthusiasm to finish it, send out promotional materials as soon as you have them. The earlier you begin promoting, the better. Send posters and trailers, and announce the talent who you are excited to secure. Early promotion could even be a great way to get additional funding.

What Type of Content to Send

As an entertainment blogger, I have noticed that a couple types of content do well. First, exclusive interviews and screenings offer a behind the scenes perspective. Second, coloring sheets and free printables are simple to post and get good traffic if your movie is geared towards a younger audience.

Keep in mind that the easier something is to share, the more likely an influencer or blogger will post it. Send information ready to be shared as it is written with an included list of cast, filmmakers, a short synopsis, full treatment and high-res images. Include pre-written content for social media with the hashtag for the movie and tag your social media handles.

Earned Media or Sponsored?

Before sending anything, clarify your expectations with a contract if you have a sponsored agreement. Some bigger influencers and bloggers may be worth paying to receive promotion. Otherwise, just expect that any unsolicited mailings may not receive a review, but they may still be worth it because sending promotional materials out should net some type of gain.

Building a Relationship with Influencers and Bloggers

To be effective in getting coverage, choose influencers and bloggers who post about topics related to your film. Consider working with smaller influencers, new bloggers, or indie movie reviewers who are more willing to collaborate. Mail a package that includes the movie itself, special swag or inspiration for an activity. Whether your package includes a themed recipe or special t-shirt, putting the extra effort to make it an exclusive experience can result in more social shares and interesting articles about your movie.

For the premiere of your student film, invite bloggers and make it a special event for them, while still sticking to your budget. Finding inexpensive ways to offer photo opportunities that work well on social media can create more awareness about the release of your movie.

Getting your film out there to a bigger audience is just as important as the other parts of your film. You might not have the biggest budget for promotion, but spending very little or even nothing at all can get more people aware of your film and eager to watch it.


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