Reasons Why Film Festivals Matter

Over the past decade, the film industry has changed tremendously. It’s demands and outcomes have evolved. As artists, the fast lighting speed of the industry has led us to become more versatile and therefore adapt ourselves to the circumstances. Perhaps, one of the greatest shift has been the accessibility to make films. Even with a low budget, we can bring a story to the screen. In fact, film festivals have been growing internationally allowing us to share our craft and get seen by other creative people. Film Festivals matters! In a place where competition is at its peak and our access to distribution is out of line for newcomers; film festivals have proved their value to gain exposure.

Film Festivals Explanation

A film festival is an organized presentation of films that happens annually in one or more screening venues. Some festivals focus on a specific film genre, type or format of film-making. As a result, this allows you to choose the appropriate ones to present your film.  The wonderful thing is that there’s a place for every creation. Either you make experimental short films, horror cult movies or coming-age features; there’s a place for your film.


Looking back at all the independent short and feature films I worked on as an actress,  it’s great to see that the majority of them have been selected and screened at film festivals. This allowed me to get seen by a wide realm of filmmakers  and generate new work opportunities. Often time, you will find yourself hesitating to participate in a specific project because its a no-budget or low-budget production. All I can say is that if the intentions of the filmmaker are strong and clear; and he/she has proven quality in his/her work; you should do it. The truth is that until you are able to work on a franchised film or TV show, the only way to shape your career and find your voice as an artist, is to keep practicing and creating.


Beyond exposure, film festivals allows you to meet other filmmakers and perhaps distributors. The film industry is a place of creative talents, but also of connections; so its important to remember that as you shape your career. Likewise, the person you meet at a film festival may become your next creative partner on your next project. You-never-know! Opening doors to new opportunities is the only way to go in this industry.


On another note, if your film get selected to screen at a specific film festival, you get the opportunity to see the world. Isn’t that the best occasion to travel! You get to match your passion for film and your passion for traveling. Screening your film in other states or countries is like creating this beautiful giant spider web of connections. And by that, I mean connection at it’s core value. Connection about the ideas and values of your film. International film festivals allows you to get your work resonate around the globe and that’s fantastic.

In conclusion, I hope this article inspire you to keep making and sharing your films. Film Festivals are there to support your work and encourage you to keep creating! So have confidence in your ideas and share them with the world!



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