What’s Filming Now in Hawaii

(Pictured above: Pictured: Dennis Chun, Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim, Jeff Downer, Bryan Spicer, Jorge Garcia, Shawn Garnett, Grace Park, Chi McBride, Tailor Grubbs, Peter Lenkov)

TV Series – From the writers behind the blockbuster “Star Trek” (2009) Roberto Orci and Alex Krutzman, comes a clever, adrenaline-fueled update of one of the most iconic shows in television history. When there’s trouble in paradise, Steve McGarrett returns to the islands and joins fish-out-of-water Danny Williams to launch an elite branch of the Hawaii State Police. In this ultimate adventure series, complete with big action and charming characters, the team hunts down ruthless criminal kingpins, who inevitably hear those three feared words: “Book ’em Danno.”

Shoot Date: Currently filming Season 6.

Production Office: Tel- (808) 587-4670; Fax- (808) 545-5793 Fax resumes to production office. For casting, call (808) 535-4917

Release Date: Fridays, on CBS network television.


(Pictured above: Alex O’Loughlin)


(Pictured above: Daniel Dae Kim)

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