Tokyo Plays Host to the 2018 International Virtual Reality Photographers Association Conference



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Born as the IQTVRA, the International QuickTime VR Association in 1998. But to better reflect the burgeoning technology in 2004 the name was changed to IVRPA, the International Virtual Photographers Association. The Association has a stellar line up of companies and speakers from around the world to share ideas and breakthroughs and show off the newest tech. During the four days of the event, you can immerse yourself in the workshops, panels and meet with fellow Immersive Creators.

According to the IVRPA website, this year we have an exceptional list of speakers from all across our industry – from individual experts such as Al Caudullo, Nathalie Mathe and Rachel Bracker to media-defining organizations including Facebook, Adobe, Kolor, and Google. On top of this, there are fourteen different workshops for you to choose from! Whatever your area of expertise, we know you will leave this year’s conference with valuable new knowledge, experience, and understanding.

The opening keynote speech will be presented by Facebook’s Maheen Sohail and Cliff Warren: Creating content for a VR-first world.

Of course, the special Opening and Closing Dinners,  the annual IVRPA Members Meeting,  a mid-conference evening event hosted by Facebook, and our 20th birthday celebrations.

There will be a Marketplace where you can meet software and hardware creators, try out different products and get special conference bargains.

If you can’t attend,  I’ll be reporting from IVRPA this year and try to bring you a little bit of this massive event back to you. Here is a list of the events.

Nathalie Mathe 360 Workshop

Devon Copley, Imeve: Best Practices for Live 360

Sonke Kirchhof: Storytelling for Volumetric VR- special effects

Insta360 Workshop

Al Caudullo GoPro Fusion Workshop

Aleksandr Reznik: Gigapixels – Why and How

Blend Media, Simon Brooksbank: Maximising the commercial potential of 360 content in the lead up to Tokyo 2020

Ben Claremont: Social Media Strategies for Success – lessons learned from Life in 360

Martin Hopkins Garden Gnome Software workshop

Kandao VR – Cutting-edge and Possibility of VR’s vision

Sergey Semenov, AirPano

Jim Zellmer: amuz – Explore the world using immersive imagery

KC Lai

Rachel Bracker and Thomas Hayden: 360 Documentary Filmmaking and Multimedia Journalism – Challenges and Lessons Learned

Mr. Immersive, Chris Bobotis, Adobe

Adler Shen, Pisofttech: Launch of world’s first 8K VR camera with built-in stitching

Galit Ariel: Augmented Filmmaking – From embedded narratives to experiential environments

Nancy Eperjesy: Adobe 360 Video workshop

Juan Jose Perez: Aerial Photogrammetry

Joel Douek: Sonic VR – Regaining Ground for Sound in a Visually Driven Space

Panel debate hosted by Facebook and Blend Media: How is 360 VR strengthening the audience-brand relationship?

Special Creator Meet-Up hosted by Facebook

Luca-Nicolo Vascon & Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto: Enhanced interaction panoramas, stories, and experiences


Peter Costa workshop: Designing and Creating Spatial Audio for 360 Videos

Facebook workshop: 360 video publishing tools

Shigeru Okada workshop: Basics of high resolution panoramic shooting and authoring

Mohamed Marouene, SoWhen

Ergin Sanal: VFX Workflows for Mono and Stereo 360 Videos

Nikk Mitchell: the Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall of VR in China

Nick Ivanov: capturing 360 video from drone platforms

Mike Ty: 360 camera roundup, how to evaluate new gear

Kolor Focus Group workshop: Immersive Storytelling Workshop

Takashi Sekitani workshop: stereo VR and compositing graphics


Geoffrey Bruce: Virtual field trips that can teach by using 360� adaptive non-linear interactive environments

Gerda Leopold & Sebastian Endler: BALLAVITA – an adventure in VR

Christina Heller, CEO Metastage

Monica Mesa

Blend Media workshop: creating interactive 360 Stories with the Blend Media web based editor tool

Al Bug, GoThru: recent developments

Panel dabate: The future of 360 photo and video

Aleksandr Reznik: Bracketed (HDR) photography workshop

And so much more, including being in one of the most amazing cities in the world, Tokyo, Japan.

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