The Online Meeting Survival Guide is now available

If you have been attending online meetings and wanted to get more from your online communications experience, you may want to pick up a free copy of The Online Meeting Survival Guide. Paul Richards is the same author who brought us Esports in Education, and The Virtual Ticket. His new book is all about increasing your online communications capabilities and mastering software such as Skype, Google Meet, Facebook Rooms, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. The book takes readers through the fundamentals of online communications which have evolved over the years to support millions who are working from, putting on virtual events, or simply staying better connected with friends.

Online Meeting Survival
Online Meeting Survival

Online Communications for Student Filmmakers

As a student filmmaker, online communications can keep your teams connected even if they are distributed. Working remotely may be able to keep your team’s projects stay on track using communication tools such as Discord or Slack for project management. You likely already understand the power of video communications as a visual artist. But have you looked into the ways you can keep others better informed about the value your projects offer? Understanding how to host powerful meetings and webinars is a skill almost any modern student should work on developing.

Master the remote interview

As you prepare for important interviews, you should consider how well you know how to communicate online. Become better familiarized with online meeting tools is step one, but this book takes you much further. In The Online Meeting Survival Guide, you will learn strategies for feeling comfortable on camera and getting prepared to make those important presentations. When it comes time to interview remotely about your upcoming film project, feel confident in your capabilities to use online meeting software.

Get a copy of The Online Meeting Survival Guide

This is why you should pick up a free copy of The Online Meeting Survival Guide on Kindle this week! The book will be completely free for those with a Kindle and the digital copy is also free at Consider how important it is to stay connected with others during these times when many schools will be closed. Understanding how to use online meeting technologies can greatly increase your communications capabilities.


There is an online course you can also take if you would like to have the author walk you through Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Rooms, and Microsoft Teams. These are online meeting solution providers that you will likely encounter during your meeting experiences. Whether you are interested in becoming more familiar with online communication technologies or looking to enhance your ability to use these tools, The Online Meeting Survival Guide is a great place to start.

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