FILMMAKERS GLOBAL NETWORK :: Community Spotlight with Art Peterson

Current Projects

I currently have 20 CDs on sale under the name Aftershock. One on sale under the name Deep Blue. I’m working on a film now called Mars 2055. I’m doing sound design for an IMDb credit.

Film scoring and music composing process

For film scoring, I take a look at the film and run it by a few times. Then I can see where I can fit music in. Sometimes it’s a camera zoom out, or angle change. I sync it up to the film so everything starts and stops on time, then I produce it so it sounds professional.

Composing process. I get an idea for a song. I write it down on notation. I add to it. Harmony and Counter Point. I write out the Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion. Record it. Mix it. Master it, Produce it. Viola. Finito. Finished product.

Tips for Creators

Get out there and network. Join clubs. Meet people in the business. Stay current with your sound. If you can’t sound like Hans Zimmer sound the best You can sound like.

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