The Benefits of Creating your own Content as an Actor

Creating your own content may seem quite challenging at times, but the rewards and growth you gain from each experiences is quite indescribable. Either you expand your artistry with a new medium or start exploring new skills to combine with them to your main art form; both are great ways to explore new territories. Because yes, you don’t have to wait for a job offer to remain creative, you can do it on your own!

Get your Voice out there

Creating your own content means that you get to have your voice heard! On the other hand, thinking that you have nothing to say is completely wrong. We all have something special; that uniqueness that made us who we are today. In fact, the fear of being judge or the fear of failure can stop you from taking a step forward with your ideas and simply learn. You learn by doing, by sewing the dots together, by overcoming challenges that comes along and by remaining positive in the process. Everything happens for a reason! Remember that!

Start Creating

Making films, writing screenplays, producing short videos or perhaps creating your own YouTube channel are all great ways to bring your creative content to the world. When you begin an acting career, you may find yourself typecast or simply not landing the roles you dream to play. This is your chance to create those opportunities for yourself and spin the wheel around!

My Past Experiences

Speaking from my own experiences, I was scared to start making films because it meant that I would have to deal with so many unknown factors at once. Having trained in acting, I feared to get judged on the final product and lose credibility in the eyes of others. Guess what? I don’t care anymore! Why? Because I learned so much about myself,  my capabilities, the world around me and the film industry that I won’t stop myself from experiencing those things anymore.

Don’t think, Just do!

Having the courage to bring one of your ideas to life, complete it and present it to the world; will make you realize that your fears were founded in the unknown. There is so much respect that comes to you for conceptualizing one of your ideas. Even if your project is not what you envisioned, there is something to gain from every creations you bring to the world. Practice makes perfect, that’s what they say!


By creating your own content, you get to meet new creative people. You begin to attract creative minds in your circle of relationship and start envisioning the bigger picture. Furthermore, you start making links about how things works and how they come together. You become more analytical in your approach and efficient in your delivery. Last but not least, you learn and grow tremendously. From the mistakes you’ve made and obstacles you’ve encountered, you become more humble about creative work. Gaining that respect for your craft is essential as an artist. It’s makes you human, empathetic and open minded.

The key to creating content is to START! Team up with a friend with the same creative desires as you, if that’s more reassuring at the beginning. But get started! Because the longer you wait, the longer you postponed your inner growth!