Syrp’s Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre Track

Feather-Light, Infinitely Extendablex

Infinitely extendable with tool-less set up, the feather-light and versatile Carbon Fibre Track fits easily in suitcases or packs, perfect for intrepid  filmmakers and time-lapse photographers. Each Carbon Fibre Track can be  purchased in kits as individual 60cm/2ft tracks with End Caps and Carriage.

Extensions can be purchased separately or as part of a further two kits  available on Syrp’s website.

For existing Magic Carpet users, the original End Caps and Carriage is  compatible with the Carbon Fibre Track and Extensions, further reducing the  amount of gear needed for maximum versatility.

Each Carbon Fibre Extension has been designed to create a seamless join for  fluid camera motion, and comes with two inch mounting point options and  one bracket for stability. The extensions are simply screwed in to the main  60cm/2ft track to create an infinitely extendable slider.

The Carbon Fibre Track is ‘Genie compatible’ and integrates seamlessly with  your existing motion control kit.

Like the existing Magic Carpet, all you have to do attach click in the  linear accessory, set your move and shoot.


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