StudentFilmmakers Magazine Preview: 2019 Volume 14, No. 3

Here’s an advanced look at the 2019 Volume 14, No. 3 Edition of StudentFilmmakers Magazine. This exciting issue includes educational articles and how-to’s covering topics in the Five Stages of Motion Picture Creation: Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, and Distribution.

Article Preview Jared Isham with actors and crew on set.
Get Your Film Made

By Jared Isham

Getting your film made, for many, can be packed with fear and uncertainty. The obstacles, no matter how much experience you have, are great but the good news is that the bar to entry is getting lower. At this particular time in the history of filmmaking, the excuses as to why you haven’t made your film yet are getting rather slim…
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Article Preview
endless frozen dawn, music video productionChicago from Another World
Making the Music Video,
“endless frozen dawn”

By John Klein

When composer Andrew Edwards approached me in the spring to direct and shoot a music video for a track off his upcoming album, “The Center of the Sky” – an orchestral concept album inspired by the difficult time spent in southern Illinois during his mother’s final battle with Stage IV cancer – I was incredibly honored and humbled by the request and leapt at the opportunity…
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Article Preview
filmming live eventsHow to Relieve Stress When Shooting Live Events
10 Helpful Tips
By Michael Skolnik

Stressed out shooting live events? It doesn’t have to be this way (most of the time). I’ve spent many a night before a wedding shoot losing sleep over potential problems that might or might not happen. There are plenty of horror stories out there such as: camera not in record, batteries suddenly low, arriving late, etc. Most of these, if not all of them, could be prevented. While some of the solutions might seem obvious, it can’t hurt to refresh ourselves…
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