Q&A with Janice Chun on Short Animation, “Crushed In Space”

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Janice Chun (Writer, Director, Animator) received the 2nd Place Award in the College Category for her short animation, “Crushed In Space” in the Summer Shorts Film and Video Contest (2017), hosted by StudentFilmmakers.com. Interview published in StudentFilmmakers Magazine.

Writer, Director, Animator:
Janice Chun
Voice Actors: 
Daren Jannace
Calista Nguyen

STUDENTFILMMAKERS: What inspired the story for “Crushed in Space”?

Janice Chun: I was compelled to write a story that I feel a lot of us college students and post graduates go through…which may or may not have been based on some real life experiences, ha-ha.

STUDENTFILMMAKERS: What was the animating and moviemaking process like?

Janice Chun: Writing the film probably took the most amount of time. The original script was 29 pages and everyone (professors, friends, and peers) all thought I was crazy! I’m actually glad they convinced me to cut it down to a 7 page script and once I did, I felt it really showed the core of the story a lot better and had such a blast animating and sound designing everything.

STUDENTFILMMAKERS: What were the some of the most important parts for you in regards to Development to Post Production?

Janice Chun: I think the most important part of the whole film process was receiving feedback from my friends and teachers at every stage from development to post production. I get so caught up with all the details that I overlook major things and often get stuck. I really have to thank my family, friends, and teachers for dealing with my insanity and keeping me sane.

STUDENTFILMMAKERS: Can you share with us a “Challenge and Solution” in regards to the making of “Crushed in Space”?

Janice Chun: One of the most frustrating parts of making this film was finding the right voices. I spend months going through several different people all to be shot down by my class that the main character, CJ just didn’t feel right. I think I casted her about three or four times and Markus, the main guy lead, three times, flying back and forth from LA, NYC and RI. It was only by the time of my fall semester final that I snapped, took out an old Zoom mic and decided to voice everything the night before. It wasn’t my intention to be the main voice but everyone unanimously thought I fit the part the most which was flattering but also nerve wracking.

STUDENTFILMMAKERS: If you could share your Top 3 Tips related to animation and movie-making, what would it be?

Janice Chun: Make what you want to make! Animations and films take so long to make that I deeply feel you should honestly enjoy what you’re making and if it comes from an genuine place, there’ll always be a niche group of people who’ll enjoy it.

Don’t be scared to reach out to people. Music is a huge part of my film and film making process. Because of copyright concerns, I originally was working with a sound designer to create compositions for the musical elements. And even though they were great, they didn’t fit the tone I was going for. I decided to just reach out to the original music producers of the current track for their permission and they all loved it and agreed. I don’t think my film would’ve worked if I wasn’t able to use their songs.

Brush your teeth when you shower. This isn’t really related to film making but it saves a lot of time and feels great.

STUDENTFILMMAKERS: What are your thoughts about being selected and winning one of the top placements in the contest?

Janice Chun: I’m honestly so honored and flattered to be selected and winning 2nd place. It still shocks me that people like it and motivates me to keep writing and creating films.

STUDENTFILMMAKERS: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Janice Chun: I just wanted to thank the time to thank everyone at StudentFilmmakers Magazine who organized the festival and make it possible. I’m really happy I got to be apart of it. Thank you!