Student Film Makers Learn Live Video Production

Student Film Makers Learn Live Video ProductionStudent filmmakers are more excited than ever to extend their love for video and apply their skills to the exciting world of live video production. A new book called the “Accelerated Broadcast Club Curriculum” is now helping students involved in their schools broadcast clubs free online tools for accelerating learning in the world of live streaming. Student filmmakers are already familiar with the tools used for creating engaging videos. The new Accelerated Broadcast Club Curriculum, also known as ABC2, is a free book helping students “up their game” in the live streaming world.

Live streaming is a powerful tool, broadcast clubs have been using for years, to produce live student announcements, online graduation streams, and even live school sports. In this new book, written by the StreamGeeks Chief Streaming Officer Paul Richards, students can gain access to step by step curriculum and a free online training course hosted on

The Accelerated Broadcast Club Curriculum (ABC2) is available as a paperback book on Amazon, an audiobook on Audible, a free PDF download here, and a 100% free online e-learning course designed to accelerate extra-curricular learning for student filmmakers around the world. Learning about the world of live streaming through the ABC2 program is can inspire members of broadcasting and filmmaking clubs at all educational levels. The ABC2 curriculum has been crafted through many productive consultations with elementary, middle and, high school program directors. The book outlines successful student programs around the United States live streaming student announcements, live sporting events, and even school theater.

Student Film Makers Learn Live Video Production

The online course thoughtfully presents instructional content designed to help students learn one of the world’s most powerful communication mediums. That’s right live streaming, and the art of visual presentation. ABC2 was made to educate students on the basics of video production principles and techniques. The program includes sample lesson plans designed to ignite student interest surrounding the exciting live streaming and broadcast technology available today.

Throughout this book, you will go behind the scenes with the Griswold High School Broadcast Club, and study the group’s impeccable organizational structure. You will see how the SAR High School uses Google Apps for Education to organize their broadcast club with over 50 members. You will get a tour of the new Union High School broadcast club launched this past year in San Jose, California. Finally, we will meet with Gary San Angel from the Keck School of Medicine of USC (University of Southern California), to understand what it’s like to pursue a career in video production and support a video production studio at the university level. This course is presented to you by the StreamGeeks hosts Paul Richards and Tess Protesto. The StreamGeeks will teach each lesson inside their professional video production studio equip with entry-level video production equipment attainable by any school district. Students are encouraged to join the StreamGeeks, as they breathe new life into the video production industries best practices and workflows on their live shows available on both YouTube and Facebook.

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Student Film Makers Learn Live Video Production

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