Photoshop CS5: Essential Skills

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Market: Serious amateur photographers and aspiring professionals who are new to Photoshop or have just upgraded to CS5



Mark Galer, photographer, educator, and Official Adobe Ambassador and Philip Andrews, professional photographer with over 25 years of experience; official Adobe Ambassador for Australia.

Market: Serious amateur photographers and aspiring professionals who are new to Photoshop or have just upgraded to CS5

Key Features:
* Beginner to intermediate coverage of Photoshop CS5 with clear instruction, a visual approach and step-by-step practice projects
* Takes you through the features and techniques needed to retouch, enhance and montage photographs, with guidance on developing an efficient workflow from capture to print
* DVD with more than 12 hours of movie tutorials and supporting files to accompany the practical projects
Master Photoshop CS5 project-by-project! Using a celebrated combination of real world examples, step-by-step projects and professional advice, two internationally recognized authors and Adobe Photoshop Ambassadors guide you through this powerful software package so you can start creating your own works of art in no time.
Broken into three parts to form a structured, self-study guide, Photoshop CS5: Essential Skills covers all the foundation skills to get you going, and then more advanced techniques to truly hone your image editing skills. A complete section of step-by-step imaging projects helps you practice your skills and learn how to create professional quality images.
* Over 12 hours of high-definition movie tutorials
* Full resolution project images in Raw, TIFF and JPEG file formats
* Multilayered Image Files
* More than 100 royalty-free stock images
* Presets and Actions to fast-track your workflow

“After years of badly designed software manuals we are now starting to see books come to life, and we’d put this on a pedestal above the best. Superb design, really clear illustrations, great photography and clean navigation.”

“[A] fine project-orientated approach to mastering CS5 skills. Three parts are presented in a  series of stepped-up lessons that lead learners from beginning to advanced techniques, providing a software package of guided lessons based on real-world applications and problems. Over ten hours of accompanying movie tutorials reinforces the lesson plans, making this a top ‘must’ for any Photoshop learner who would self-study or supplement classroom studies.”-BookWatch

“For the Photoshop CS5 user, Photoshop CS5: Essential Skills is necessary reference book for your software library. If you are new to Photoshop CS5, you’ll truly find the real-life examples and step-by-step projects that the authors have so expertly structured in this self-study guide to be incredibly valuable. the perfect addition to the digital photographer’s library.”-Sacramento Book Review


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