Beyond Continuity: Script Supervision for the Modern Filmmaker

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Mary Cybulski, Script Editor, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Market: Script supervisors, continuity supervisors, script writers, directors, producers, dialogue editors, film students, novices to the script supervision industry.

Key Features:

* Current information with an emphasis on new technology and new ideas on the laws of filmmaking.

* New shooting workflows for digital shooting and production

* How to find a job as a script and continuity supervisor

* First-hand knowledge of the craft

* Relationships with the various crew members on a typical film or TV set, providing readers with advice on how to manage different personalities

A guide to the craft of script supervising, Beyond Continuity features practical instruction through real-world examples demonstrating and explaining the skills needed by a professional script supervisor.

Mary Cybulski, one of Hollywood’s premier script supervisors, imparts her sage wisdom as she? walks you through the process of training and working as a professional script supervisor,, covering the basic skills of breaking down a script, taking notes on set, matching, cheating, determining screen direction, and knowing what the director, actors, and editor expect from a script supervisor. She also details many of the more subtle, but just as important skills— how to get a job, how to think like an editor, how to tell what is important in a script and on set, how to get along with the cast and crew, and how not to get overwhelmed when there is too much information to process.

Also included is access to a companion website which features downloadable versions of the various forms, templates, logs, and checklists used by professional script supervisors.

“This book is not only an informative and easy read, but is packed full of absolutely essential information for anyone wanting to venture into this complex world…The level and quality of practical examples – breakdowns, storyboards, logs, shot lists, hints and the language of film making – is astonishing. In my opinion, the author has far outdone anything which has gone before – the book should be on every educator’s list of suggested reading for film students.”Wendy Laybourn, Network Nine

“This volume is much more than a text geared for aspiring script supervisors. It provides aspiring filmmakers with valuable lessons about the collaborative and complex world of narrative storytelling, a world in which people in many different roles must work together for a common purpose. Invaluable as a primary or supplemental text for narrative film classes and for professionals looking to broaden their knowledge about the narrative production process… Summing Up: Highly recommended.”M. A. Bay, Southern Connecticut State University, CHOICE



What’s so great about being a script supervisor?

What does a script supervisor do?


How to get a job

Meeting the director

Making your deal


You have the job. Now what?

Prep Time

The Production Office

Breakdowns: What, How, and Why:



The Read Through

Tech Scouts


Getting ready for the shoot

A virtual day on set


Keeping the notes

Rolling Film

What to Remember

Using Your Breakdowns

The Grammar of Filmmaking

Working Well with Others




How to Learn About Acting

Being a Department Head of One

The Girl Thing


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