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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, September 2008 Table of Contents

Manipulate Mood with Filter Effects
How to Evoke Ethereal Solitude with Double Fog Filters
by Ira Tiffen

Techniques for Successfully Collaborating with Your Actors
Acting and Directing are Verbs
by John Badham

From Novel to Screenplay: Me and Orson Welles
The Writer’s Writer: Robert Kaplow, New York Times Best-Selling Author
by David Kaminski

Inside The Office – Two Editors
Eddie- and Emmy Award-Winning Editors Dean Holland and Dave Rogers
by Scott Essman

The Importance of a Creative Editing Agenda
Use Organizational Methods that Foster Inventiveness
by Richard D. Pepperman

Featured Film Festivals
Paso Robles Digital Film Festival
SHORTSNONSTOP Mobile Movie Festival

“Tuesday” Wins First Place, $5,000 Grand Prize
David Norris grabs attention with story and talking head POV.

Brettler Captures Introspective Tone and Child-Like Whimsy with ‘Levin’
Genuine Characters Trump Student-Level CGI

Picardi Makes Pro Level Actioner with Just One Camera
Color manipulation, artful scoring, and trial-and-error

V.O. on the Go
Setups and Solutions for the Traveling Voice-Over Talent
by Bryant Falk

FrameForge 3D Studio: Cutting-Edge, Virtual Pre-visualization for Filmmakers
Schafer and Douma Discuss Solutions Above and Beyond Storyboarding for Filmmakers with Ground-Breaking, User- Friendly 3D Program

7 Sources of Money for Your Short Films and Videos
Fundraising Suggestions and Tips for Student Films
by Peter W. Rea and David K. Irving

This Month’s Featured Networkers



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