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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, September 2007 Table of Contents

Using Colored Light
Quick Tips for Common Problems
by Kevin Zanit

Backlighting for Video
Different Ways You Can Deploy a Back Light
by Carl Filoreto

Examining the Color Palette of Film
The Impact of Color and Its Use by Cinematographers
by Jacqueline Frost

Having a Fling with Flare
Image Cues Can Be Subtle, but Strong…
by Ira Tiffen

Evaluating an Indoor Location
From the DP’s Perspective
by Paolo Dy

The Importance of Thorough Communication
Hammering Out All the Logistics
by Saro Varjabedian

A Conversation with Award-Winning Writer and Director Paul Auster
The Inner Life of Martin Frost Premieres at the IFC Center in New York City
Interview by Jody Michelle Solis

Behind the Scenes of Award-Winning Short, ‘In the Tradition of My Family’
Interview with Director Todd Davis
by Taryn Bensky

Casting: Selecting the Essential Ingredients
“Cast every part as if it were a major role.”
by Leonard Guercio

The Five Most Common Location Audio Problems
How to Prevent and Fix Them in Post
by Anthony Q. Artis

Knowing When to Cut… And When to Let It Run
Reasons to Make and ‘Not Make’ an Edit
by Daniel Gaucher

Advanced DVD Menu Creation Using Adobe Encore
Step-by-Step How-To
by Jeff Bellune

Filmmakers Networking Community
This Month’s Featured Networkers


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