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StudentFilmmakers Magazine, September 2006 Table of Contents

Interview with Adam Biddle, Cinematographer for ‘Crank’
Insights into HD Feature Making
by Jody Michelle Solis

Interview with Emmy Award Winning Director Tim Kolb
Includes Top 3 Editing Tips

How to Build a 2.5K Soft Light Box for Under $250
Step by Step Instructions
by Saro Varjabedian

Digital Video: A Cool Medium
The Unique Qualities of Video Storytelling
by Dana Dorrity

Smile: A Look at the Animated Short Film
Student Animator Gets Online Distribution Deal with iTunes
by Karelisa Falkner

Award-Winning Film, Fragments of Daniela
An Interview with Writer/Director Sasha Knezev
by Paige Cram

3 Key Audio Special Effects for Your Film
Phoneizing Effect, Reversing Audio, and Reverb
by Bryant Falk

Indie Composer Joel Diamond
Scoring is Not a Post-Production Slap-On
by Larry Jaffee

Advice on Film Industry Internships for Students
Creating a Meaningful Internship
by Fred Ginsburg, C.A.S., Ph. D

Tips for Writing Better Dialogue
Keeping It Brief
by Sebastian Corbascio

Low Budget Documentary Filmmaking
A Journey with Twists, Turns, Angst, Strife, and Black Holes
by Chris Cavallari

Lens Selection:
Maximize Your Aesthetic by Knowing Your Lenses
by Phillip Van



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